LA Noire Reefer Madness Walkthrough

Reefer Madness is the second DLC for LA Noire and includes a Vice Case of the same name. It all starts when a tip from an informant leads LAPD Detective Cole Phelps and his partner Roy Earle to a local Los Angeles drug dealer. This complete LA Noire Reefer Madness walkthrough will aid you in completing this DLC.

They don’t receive a friendly reception and the visit ends in a deadly shootout. Soon Cole and Earle will find themselves in the midst of one of the City’s biggest narcotics rings.

Now it’s up to Cole and his partner to search, question and find their way to the top of the operation and learn how they are smuggling 50 pounds of dope in the daylight.

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LA Noire Reefer Madness Walkthrough

Your commander will send you to a guy named Freddie Calhoun. He is known to have some evidence which will lead you towards your mission. The guy is at the bar where you’ll meet him. He will tell you what he knows about Juan Garcia and the address too. Phelps will also ask him to leave the town and handover the money which was given to him by Roy.

Once you’ll get to the address a gun battle will start. The easiest way of doing it is to run towards the left side as fast as you can, you’ll get hit a couple of times but once you get to the drive way you can easily get to the back yard and attack the enemies from the behind.

By doing this you’ll also get an achievement known as the FORCIBLE REAR ENTRY. Once you have cleared the area – examine Garcia’s body and you’ll get more information and his “SILVER DOLLAR” too.

Look at the top of the box (just next to Garcia’s body) you will find a note known as “MASANGKAY”. You’ll also see the 20th Century Boxes over there. Get to the back yard, search for the cans in the shed and investigate them.

There are a total of 3 sets, after investigating all of them you will get the Marijuana and SoupCan clues, the “Soup in the Pot” achievement and one of them will open the entrance for you.

Find a table which has deliveries marked on it, point your finger towards the Tijuana deliveries and you will gather information about the Tijuana Shipments. After collecting the information go to the Parnell’s Soup Company where the secretary will take you to his owner, Howard Parnell. Talk to him and gather the information/names he tells you.

He’ll give you multiple leads but click on the “inside man Jorge Garcia” as all the other are simple doubts. Now that you are done questioning you’ll ask the owner to let you take a look at the factory. He will agree and introduce you to his in charge of can’s shipping, Sergio Rojas.

After some questioning you’ll learn that most of the shipments go to the 20th Century Market and then you’ll notice the coin which Sergio is flipping on his hand. This will lead you to ask him some questions which includes a lie about the 20th Century Market Question.

Now you will have to get to the 20th century Market for your further investigation. You will notice that the people are pretty much busy in going in and out so you will call for backup. Just when you’ll see the clerk of the market he will start running, you will have to tackle him down and then interview him. He’ll lie to you about E.J and tell the truth about Jorge and Juan.

Right after the interview the time will automatically pass and you will get to the Soup factory. The shipment will be then taken into the factory and the backup will surround the factory.

Now you’ll have to get into the factory, the best way is to get inside from the top so you can take a look at all of your enemies. Fight and kill the enemies, after that you will get into a room and investigate the body of Ernesto. You will get the silver coin and some general information.

After that the Marijuana shipment will be found too and a policeman will lead you to Garcia’s body which holds another Silver Coin, now you have collected all the coins. Put them in the right order and you’ll be able to see the message.

MasangkayMetals, is the lead. Go to it and as the main door is locked you’ll have to go in from the parking lot where a little of barbed wire is cut. Clear the area and fight off the enemies, after you’re done…get to the top and torture Victor Sanders. That is it, you have the answers and you know what to do with Victor now.

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