How to Host Left4Dead 2 Dedicated Server on Garena

A step by step guide to host Left4Dead 2 dedicated server on Garena.

f you are a garena  fan, you can host a dedicated server of your favorite game there for your friends to play on it. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and you will be owning zombies. In case your favorite game happens to be Left4Dead 2.

Setting Up Left4Dead 2 Dedicated Server on Garena

srcds.exe Garena Left4dead 2 Dedicated Server

Step #1
Open Garena, and Join a room. Now click on settings, choose left4dead 2 as  game and set the executable file to be srcds.exe from your Left4dead 2 parent directory.

Step #2
Click start game as normal. An error will pop up, click OK to ignore it.

Step #3
A Menu should pop up now, and it will look like the one in the screenshot.

Server Settings
1. Change the name of the server to your liking.
2. Choose the map, the one you like or keep the default selection.
3. For Network, you have to put LAN.
4. For Max players, your choice.
5. Set your RCON password.
6. Uncheck the box that says “Secure (Valve Anti-Cheat)”.

Once you have done these settings, click start server and wait for it to load.

Garena Server Left4dead 2 Pop Up

Step #4
After it finishes server loading, another menu like this will pop up. You will see that all the information you added in server settings is gone. Change the default values again, double click to change the value.

Garena Server Left4dead 2 Map Cycle
Garena Left4dead 2 Dedicated Server Console

Step #5
For the map rotation, choose the maps and put them into your map cycle accordingly or you can follow the the given screenshot on how to do it.

After you have setup maps and configured server/admin settings, your server is good to go. Star the server to have server console and play with it.

Notes : If you have applied Garry’s Patch, you will have srcds.exe along with the files required for setting up left4dead 2 garena dedicated server. If you haven’t applied Garry’s patch yet, download and extract all the files to your left4dead 2 parent folder. It is recommended that you use sourcemod plugin to manage your server.

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