LA Noire Weapons Guide

When you are chasing bad guys, you always need something to defend yourself. Sometimes guns are your tools to bring about Justice as an LAPD Detective in LA Noire. The following classic LA Noire weapons of 1940s era have been featured in the game.

LA Noire Weapons

Below is a list of all the guns available for your use in LA Noire as you take on organized crime as well as petty small-time criminals on the streets of Los Angeles. While Cole always carries his pistol with him, you can change to other weapons through the trunk of your car.


Browning Hi-Power
It’s a 9mm single action semi-automatic handgun. The “high power” title is associated to it’s 13 round magazine which is actually double than any contemporary design.

Colt M1911
It’s another single-action semi-automatic handgun designed to use .45 ACP cartridge. The gun was widely used in WW1 and WW11 and then was replaced by M9.

FN Browning 1922
The weapon is designed to use either .32 or .380 ACP bullets. Each magazine carries 8 or 9 bullets. It’s a single-action semi-automatic handgun.

Star Model P
This actually the side arm of detective Cole Phelps. It is similar to that of Colt M1911 and is a semi-automatic recoil operated pistol.

M1917 revolver
This double action handgun can be more damaging than any other handgun. Each cycle carries 6 rounds of .45 ACP or .45 auto rim caliber.

Nickel Plated Pistol
The gun is featured in the Sharpshooter Suit and Gun Combo pre-order bonus and is a variant of a gun already included in LA Noire (either a Colt M1911 or Star Model P).

.38 Detective Revolver
This small size double-action shot barreled revolver is usually used as a concealed back up weapon. Each cycle carries 6 rounds of either .38 special or .32 new police caliber bullets.


Browning Automatic Rifle
This semi-automatic rifle used by US and many other countries in 19th century uses 30-06 Springfield rifle cartridge. Each magazine carries 20 rounds.

M1 Garand
It’s a traditional semi-automatic rifle issued to the initial infantries. Each magazine carries 6 rounds which can be fired in a successive manner like a sniper. The weapon uses .30-06 Springfield caliber bullets.

Sub-Machine Guns

Thompson M1
This SMG effective for crowded short range shooting is equipped with 20-30 round of .45 ACP caliber bullets.

Chicago Piano Gun
This gun is a pre-order bonus from HMV. The gun is almost similar to Thompson and carries 45 bullets in each magazine.


12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun
Shotguns are quite damaging in their short range of effectiveness. The weapon is a standard LAPD issue specially where deadly force has been authorized.


Being a detective, Fists are an important tool in hand to hand combat to take the bad guys to their knees. Then there is a switchblade that can be used as a knife during close combat. Pipes can also be used to melee enemies in different situations.

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