LA Noire Walkthrough

LA Noire is a cinematic thriller developed by Team Bondi, set in the classic noir period of late 1940s. LA Noire combines action with detective work and follows a complex storyline that draws players into an open-ended challenge to solve a series of brutal murders. We have the complete LA Noire walkthrough for you as you progress through the game.

L.A. Noire is set in perfectly recreated Los Angeles before freeways, with a post-war backdrop of corruption, drugs and jazz, truly blending cinema with gaming.

It’s not just the interactive story telling and open ended crime solving that has made it famous, but also its ground breaking new animation technology that captures every facial expression of an actor in astonishing detail and blending it with gameplay mechanics to leave clues for players to solve the crimes.

L.A. Noire delivers an unprecedented interactive experience with true to life detective work and breathtaking action. In game, you will be searching for clues, chasing down suspects and interrogate witnesses as you struggle to find the truth in a city where everyone has something to hide.

L.A. Noire follows the story of Cole Phelps, an LAPD detective who is thrown headfirst into a city drowning in its own success. Plagued by corruption, exploding drug trade, and with murder rates at an all-time high, he would need to fight-it-out to make Los Angeles a peaceful city.

Phelps in his fight to climb the ranks and do what’s right, must unravel the truth behind a string of arson attacks, racketeering conspiracies and brutal murders, battling the L.A. underworld and even his own colleagues to uncover a secret that could shake the city its rotten core. On his way he will surely need assistance and we will do exactly that.

LA Noire Walkthrough

Patrol Desk

You will solve 4 small cases on this desk which more or less will serve as the tutorial for the game.

Upon Reflection
Your first case is about the Murder of Mr. Rose. Follow the simple on screen instructions to drive to the crime scene. Examine the blood stain for the clue at the end of the alleyway. Next, use the drain pipe to get to the rooftop. You will find a gun which on examination reveals that it’s a Smith & Wesson Revolver.

To examine a clue thoroughly, scan it with the stick till you find a position which is critical. The controller will vibrate and that portion will zoom in for further details.

Head to the ammunition store and gather details about the weapon’s owner. Schroeder is the suspect. Drive to this apartment. Your first fist fight. After defeating him, examine the dresser to find the notebook and close the case.

Armed and Dangerous
You are told about a bank robbery. Drive to the bank. You will have to deal with some robbers first at the street. Next, three more robbers on bank’s ground level. Move up to the second level where a few more targets are needed to be taken care of.

You will have the shotgun which means that a single well placed shot at close range will be sufficient to take out the enemy. You can also witch to the side arm if you want to shoot from distance.

Warrants Outstanding
You will be chasing a suspect this time. While chasing suspects (innocent or not) in L.A Noire, you should keep a moderate distance. If you get too close e.g. while climbing you can be kicked down or if you are too slow, you can loose the trail and the suspect. Climb up to the rooftop and you will be engaged into a fist fight. Win the fight and you can start y on the next case.

Buyer Beware
Enough of the tid bids. This will be your first proper investigation. At the crime scene, examine the victim’s Jacket to find a layaway voucher. Head to the nearby drum to find the murder weapon.

You can also examine the gunshells for the clue. If you somehow don’t know what to do next in the game, observe your partner who will always hint to the direction you need to head next.

Get to the gunstore and you will find about the owner of the gun (Mr. Kalou). Witness questioning is an interesting feature of the game. You can tell from the face expressions of the witness that whether he or she is lying. Since it’s your first interrogation, you will be told whether the witness is telling a lie, telling the truth or holding back some info.

The witness you should inquire is the store clerk. The witness will point to Kalou and you have the gun too. Head to the jewelry shop and ask for Kalou. He will try to escape. Make a chase and once in the long alley, shoot to stop (don’t kill him.

Wait for the circle to complete) the running suspect. Doubt his intentions in the interrogation room and have his statement. Put him behind the bars to finish your first case.

Traffic Desk

The Driver’s Seat
At the crime scene, you will find a dead body on the rail tracks. Time to gather some clues the possible clues you are searching for are:

  • Blood splashes
  • Receipt for live hog
  • Wallet
  • Glasses
  • Bloody pipe

You can find the receipt in car trunk. After exploring the clues, talk to the first witness who is actually the person who reported about the crime. He is a passerby and it least expected that he should be involved in the murder. He will tell the truth for the most part.

Next head to victim’s house and interrogate his wife. You should search the house for more clues. Head outside to the right of the house and you will find the heater. Head back and explore the kitchen and the bedroom for more clues. The clues you are searching for are:

  • Glasses case
  • Concealed message
  • Cavanagh’s matchbook
  • InstaHeat receipt
  • InstaHeat flyer
  • Train ticket

After you are done exploring things, talk to his wife again You will come to know about Frank Morgan. Your next target for investigation. Head to the bar and interrogate. Follow Morgan to the apartment and you will find that Adrian is alive. Then begins the cat and mouse play where you need to catch the running suspect.

Marriage Made in Heaven
At the crime scene you will find a victim with a lot of blood. Seems like hit and run. Start searching for the clues. You can start with the traditional way by examining the victim’s belongings like wallet etc. You will find an insurance letter. The clues you should look for at the crime site are:
Red Lincoln Continental

  • Wallet
  • Insurance letter
  • Coroner’s report
  • Bloody knife
  • Argument overheard
  • Lynch’s statement

You can find a knife full of blood in a dumpster in the alleyway. You can follow the blood trail to reach it. Next you need to interrogate two witnesses in the bar. The bartender and the female actress. Both will tell half truth and agree that they overheard the victim talking with his wife.

You can investigate Shelton’s residence (the driver) and then arrest him after the chase. But he is not proved to be the culprit yet. Head to Mrs. Pattison’s place where you will find both Mrs. pattison and Leroy. They will ask you to leave after the interrogation. Check your messages at police phone and you will come to know that the victim was back stabbed.

Head back to Pattison’s place and chase Lorey. He might take a hostage after some time so you need to be careful as you can’t let hostage be harmed. Adjust the aim till the circle gets filled and then fire to knock out Lorey.

The Fallen Idol
Reach the crash site and start searching for the clues. The clues you should look for are:

  • Underwear
  • Letter from mother
  • Prop shrunken head

You will find that one of the victim’s is underaged and might have been raped. Interrogate your first witness, June Ballard. She will try to dodge you for the most part so you should act more suspicious.

Next head to the hospital to inquire Jessica. She will hide things but you have evidences for the criminal abuse and related things. Next, chase Dune to the diner. While you are chasing her, don’t forget to keep a safe distance.Keeping a low profile listen all she has to say on the phone.

Next head to Bishop’s apartment. The place has been already whiped by MacAfee’s men. The clues you should look for in the apartment are:

  • $20,000 check
  • Saddle
  • Movie set photograph
  • Movie set replica
  • Prop store photograph
  • Blackmail

You can find the check in the first bedroom and the prop store photograph can be found in the table in the living room.With some healthy evidence at your hand, you can interrogate Mrs. Bishop and ask her about the June, MacAfee and Bishop’s relation.

Head to the prop shop and question Hopgood. From the window you can find a secret room at the back. You will come to know by evidences that Jessica and Mark had sex and Hopgood recorded it all. The evidences you should look for are:

  • Chloral hydrate
  • Film reel
  • Empty film reel
  • Prop shrunken head molds

You will find the film reel inside the secret room. It’s time for Hopgood to answer some questions. After questioning him, MacAfee’s men will chase you. After dealing with them move to the movie set showed in the photo. Chase Bishop to the top.

MacAfee’s men will attack you again. You should protect Bishop and deal with the bad guys. It will be an intensive gun fight so make sure that you are up for it. Your partner will provide you the covering fire. To the bottom level, shoot the red explosive barrels to get rid of a bunch of baddies at once. Other LAPD members will also support and when all of his men are defeated, you are done with the case.

Homicide Desk

The Red Lipstick Murderer
There are multiple clues you can look for at the crime scene. Most important of them is the Lighter which will reveal the address to the Bamba club. Other clues include:

  • Size 8 shoe prints
  • Lipstick
  • Writing on body
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Missing jewelry

To find the lighter you will have to realign the segments on the globe you find at exhibit B. Explore the area for other clues if you feel like to. Head to the Bamba club and talk to the bartender who will point you to your first target you need inquire. Your questioning atleast should lead to victim’s husband address.

Head to the Henry house and meet Jacob. Look for the evidences:

  • Female shoe
  • Forced entry
  • Missing jewelry
  • Marital problems

Explore the bedroom, kitchen and the dining to find these clues. You can find the shading notepad on the counter. After questioning Jacob and showing him the notepad, head to the Police station. Now either you can interrogate Jacob again or head to Mendez’s residence. Former is recommended for 100% case stats.

In Mendez’s apartment the clues you should look for are:

  • Used lipstick
  • Socket wrench

You can find the wrench in the bedroom. He will enter the apartment after a while and make run after spotting you. It’s a car chase now. Like other chases, move the car beside him till your partner blows out suspect’s tires.

The Golden Butterfly
Search the body for any evidences, specially the strangulation mark. Clues you are looking for are:

  • Rope pattern
  • Missing jewelry
  • Small men’s footprints

Also pay attention the boot marks. Next head to Moller’s place. Search for the clues specially Mr. Moller’s boot size in the bedroom along with jewelry.

After exploring the house, talk to Michelle Moller for further details. Mr. Hugo Moller will enter the house. Time to question him. butterfly brooch. He will be a tough notch and will lie for the most part.

You can’t get him right now so head to the neighbors for inquiry. In the meanwhile he will try to burn his muddy shoes. Chase him down and arrest him for the charges of his wife’s murder.

Head to Morgue to find what sort of rope was used for murder and follow the lead to Michell’s school. Tackle the child Molester. evidences that you can explore are:

  • Rope
  • Overalls
  • Bloody tire iron

You can find these evidences in the parked in the parking lot. Head back to the police station and you have two suspects to interrogate. After questioning both, you can choose anyone to send to the bars. All the evidences and the questioning will make Rooney more suspicious than Hugo.

The Silk Stocking Murderer
Explore the dead body to find the ID. You will find an incomplete library card. For the rest of the clues, follow the blood trail. The clues you can find are:

  • Bloodied stocking
  • Blood trail
  • Ladies hat
  • Personal effects
  • Key
  • Dot pattern note
  • Library card

Head to Antonia’s room and explore for further clues. Also don’t forget to take broken window into notice. The clue of interest are:

  • Attorney’s letter
  • Charm bracelet photograph
  • Iron picket
  • Broken window

After you have explored the room, you can talk to the lady. The conversation will reveal about El Dorado bar and the victim relations with the husband. In the bar, you will find the divorce papers and will also get husband’s address.

At his house, you will be fighting with Maldonado and his brother. After you have dealt with them, search the house for clues like bloody clothes and his alibi.

Talk to the neighbors about the previous night. Head to the police station and interrogate the suspect. To keep him permanently behind the bars, you need more evidence or it’s someone else’s doing.

Head to the fruit store near the bar and explore the area. Break the gate found on the left wall and examine the area. You will find Antonia’s jewelry (the combination is 2-5-3). Clem will try to escape. Chase him down to conclude the case.

The White Shoe Slaying
You will start thing in the traditional way by looking for the clues. Note the dry cleaner tag on victim’s dress. Other clues you might be interested are tire tracks and the boot prints.

Call the office and get the laundry address. The clerk there will give you the records list. You will find that the dress belonged to T. Taraldsen and the address too. Head to her home and you will meet her husband Lars. You can explore the house before talking to the husband. The evidences you might be interested in are:

  • Bow rope
  • Matchbook
  • Victim’s handbag
  • Wet jacket
  • Muddy boots

Explore the laundry room for more convincing evidences. You have sufficient evidence to investigate the Mr.Lars. Interrogate the bartender. You will find that the victim was talking to 2 people. One of them (the regular customer will try to flee. Chase Richard down and bring him in for the questioning.

You will come to know that it was sailor who last met the victim. Saving you the trouble, James Jessop will turn himself in for questioning. There are three suspects already. You final lead is the hobo camp.

Your confrontation with Ackerman won’t be smooth and you will have too fight with him. The evidences you need to find are:

  • Purse
  • Bloodstained rope piece

He is the one you were looking for. If your questioning didn’t go well there are chances that you can choose the wrong guy.

The Studio Secretary Murder
Talk to the shop owner and after examining the ring, talk to him again. Got him? Yes, Percy B. Shelley is a famous poet. Head to the crime scene now. Now the list of clues you should be searching for at the crime scene are:

  • Handbag
  • Movie lot job
  • Upper half of torn letter
  • Vagrancy
  • Missing ring
  • Time of death

You should search body to find the missing ring. Search the handbag for further clues. If you investigate John, he will tell the truth about the lipstick.

There is now need to investigate the other witness. After you have got the address, move to the bar. Get to the back side and explore the victim’s property. The clues you should look for are:

  • Book
  • Liquor purchase

Do open the cover of the book to find the true owner. Person to investigate now is Robbins. After investigating the witnesses (Pastron and Grosvenor McCaffrey), you need to head for the final lead.

You might have figured out the victim already bu still nothing can be said. Head to the bowling alley and talk to the lady at the counter. If you explore a bit, you will also find the address of MacCafferey there. Next up is the chase as Tiemen tries to escape. Arrest him for the questioning.

Now you have an address to find. Head to MacCafferey’s apartment. the clue you can find before the chase begins is the torn letter. He will make an escape run,tackle him and bring him in for interrogation.

Now you have an address to find. Head to MacCafferey’s apartment. the clue you can find before the chase begins is the torn letter. He will make an escape run,tackle him and bring him in for interrogation. Now interrogate both the suspects and make your choice. MacCafferey is the one needing the punishment.

The Quarter Moon Murders
This case is unique as the murderer want’s you to chase him. You need follow the leads. The question marks on the maps are your concerned locations. You might find it a wild goose chase till your first destination is revealed by Cole. Head to Pershing Square. Clues you are looking for:

  • Shelley excerpt
  • Black Dahlia letter
  • Second excerpt
  • Social security card

You will find the card and the lead about your next destination near the fountain. Hall Records is your next destination. Move to the top floor To the maintenance room next. Move across the rope. Look for the Moller’s watch and you will also get the lead for your next destination.

It’s the Public Library now. Climb up the pipes and than over the scaffolding. You need to be careful here as you don’t want o play the whole case just because you slipped of a platform. Once on the roof. You will find another clue to the next destination.

Westlake Tar Pits is the next place you u need to visit. Take the overall and move into the tar. Walk to the Island to North. You might be thinking that the water won’t harm but you will be dead if you drop into water. On the Island take the 5th lead. Straight to the Art Museum next. Enter the maize. Get to the center to find more clues.

Head to the Movie set next and move to the top. The set will start rattling. Balance yourself on the pillar till the path is cleared.Use that beam to land safely. Take the clue and move before the set destroyed completely.

Your final destination now will be the Church. You will finally meet the person you have been searching for. Follow him to the catacombs. You need to be careful here as he is armed with a deadly shotgun. Wait for the opening and as soon as you get it, shoot him to wrap up a long tiring case.

Vice Desk

The Black Caesar
Two drunks are dead in an apartment. At the crime scene, explore the area for clues:

  • Morphine syrettes
  • Numbers slip
  • Popcorn cups with morphine
  • Radio station note
  • Strange doodle

You can find the note on Tyree’s body. The strange doodle can be found placed on the table. Also look for the popcorn cup in the kitchen. Next, head for the Black Ceasar Food Stand. Fleetwood Morgan, the cook will try to run. Chase him and after you have given him sufficient dose, interrogate the suspect. The clues you should look for before interrogating the suspect are:

  • Morphine for distribution
  • Numbers racket
  • Blue Room pass
  • Distributor identified

You will find Morphine Distribution int he cardboard and the numbers racket in the instrument case to the opposite end. After questioning the suspect, get Jones’ address. At Jones’ place put in the radio frequency to open the stash filled with drugs and cash. Jones men will attack you. Deal with them and it’s time to ask some question from Jones.

After questioning Jones, you will have info about Ottie which is your next target. Your main concern here is the Numbers machine there. Keep on pressing the buttons till you hit the jackpot which will actually open Ottie’s stash full of drugs and cash. Chase him down and bring him in for investigation. Roy may present you some trouble so make sure you have sufficient evidence to get things going.

Ramez Removals seems to the real deal behind all this. Head to Removals. You need to stop that truck. Once you have stopped the truck, enter the warehouse to process the investigation. You can clear the blocked path using the crane above. Use the long ladder to the crane and use it to move the boxes.

Head back down and shoot open the ice box to reveal the drugs. Next begins the firefight. After taking care of Ramez, your final destination (still) is Polar Bear Ice Company. There will be some resistance till you get to Finkelstein. If you keep yourself covered and move cautiously looking each corner, the firefight won’t be a tough job. Killed Finkelstein? The case is concluded.

The Set Up
In the Fighter’s dressing room (Hammond’s Locker), you will find a memo pad with some info. Make a call and head for your next destination. Check the guest list and head to the room number 207. The clues you can find here are:

  • Telegram
  • Movie ticket stub
  • Magazine coupon
  • Bookmakers’ payout

You can find the telegram in the trash bin and the movie ticket stub can be found beside the box of chocolates. The magazine coupon can be find on the table (important one). You have Candie Edwards’ location. Head to room number 7. A straight fist fight with Carlo. After teaching him the lesson, look around form some clues:

  • Bus ticket
  • Cunard Ascania

Check Carlo’s pocket and the dresser for these clues. She will lie for the two questions so you will show her the evidence you have got. Next morning, chase Candy to the Bookmaker’s store.

The chase is totally stealthy so make sure you keep yourself hidden throughout the chase. After meeting up with Roy, head inside but you will find nothing but a note showing your next destination. Head to the drugstore now and talk to the manager.

Move to the other bookmaker and you will find Candy getting away in a cab. Follow the Cab to the bus station. stay hidden using the news paper. She will go to the ladies room where you will hear the gunfire. Head inside and you will Candy dead.

Investigate the surrounding and you will have a lead to your next destination i.e Egyptian Theater. Carlo and his men are ready to finish you off. Take them out to close the case.

Manifest Destiny
You are in club 111 and there are two people dead. Examine the area for clues. You are looking for:

  • Morphine
  • Blue Room pass
  • Valor cigarettes
  • BARs (Browning Automatic Rifles)
  • Coolridge Heist

You will find drugs on one of the dead bodies. In the back room you will find the cigarettes and some rifles. Back at exhibit B, you are going to find a sound box. Press every button to reveal the blue room. There is morphine inside.

Next up is your first witness that is the hostess of the club. Doubt her intentions about the shooting part. Head back to the police station and see the port records to have an idea about the guns and the drugs. Get back to the club and interrogate Elsa Litchtmann. You also won’t find her much truthful so you can doubt her. Follow her to the apartment.

Back to the club and the witness you should interview is Meyer Cohen. She also ain’t trustworthy so doubt is the best option here. Next, head to the bus shootout to explore more things. Climb the ladder while your partner distracts him to nail the target. Examine the note on the body to have some useful info.

Talk to Felix now. Deal with the sniper’s note and call to get info on Kelso. Get Kelso in for questioning and will reveal about the Eddie and the guns. After that will begin another gun chase. Get rid of them and you will useful clues about the two locations and you will also find that Shelton is meeting someone.

To the Chinese theater and an easy gunfight awaits. Chase the gunmen after the shootout (you will get to know about the gunmen from the dying Becket). After the chase, you will find that it was a fruitless chase.

Next meeting place and more firefight. Clean them all. One of the drivers in the car will try to escape so make sure that you are up for it.Head back to the police station to question Shelton. HE will lie both times. The case is concluded, so is the desk.

The Gas Man
Two places you need to visit with your newly assigned partner ( Herschel Gibbs). First head to Steffans. Examine the site. Clues you can find are:

  • Heater serviced by Ryan
  • Competition Ticket
  • Suburban Redevelopment

The heater can be found to the left of the site. Remaining two clues will be handed over to you by Don. Time to question Steffens. Now to the other house fire. Notice the regulator valve to the front side of the house. Catch the running suspect now (Herbert Chapman).

Your next destination is Gulliver’s Travels. Check for any details on Steffens and Swayer. Now question John. Head to Suburb Development and you won’t find anything worthy here. Next stop will Fire Station No 32. Now assemble the three pieces with the heater such that the balloon is on far right and pilot is to far left.

Insta Heat Headquarters is your next destination. Talk to Ivan Rasic. After talking to him, call R and I check other employees list. Get back to Ivan for their addresses. Before questioning the three suspects, check their lockers to find anything useful. Your partner will tell you that we don’t have on Celmens. Doubt him for info on Varley.

Suspects will try to escape (Ryan in a Vehicle and Varley on foot). Catch them both and take them in for questioning. You have the evidences. Show Ryan the Anarchist Literature and his bosses’ statement. For Varley, you can show him the heater to catch the first lie. After questioning both, Ryan is the one who deserves to be charged for the case.

A Walk in Elysian Fields
Whole family is dead. Examine exhibits A and B.What else? Start looking for the clues at the crime site.

  • Bodies moved
  • Family photograph
  • Water heater
  • Cigarette butts
  • foot prints
  • Weekend away
  • Houses to be demolished
  • Origami crane
  • Elysian Fields flyers

Cigarette butts and foot prints can be found on the neighbor’s front lawn. Look under the lawn. You can also find a heater to the side of the burnt house. It’s time to investigate the first witness ( Dudley Forman). Herschel will give you the next lead that is Elysian Fields. Talk to Monroe. Before meeting him, you can investigate the Rancho Escondido property to gather some ammunition. You will have to break up the civilian riot.

After talking to Monroe, check the list from the secretary where you will find the name Herbertt Chapmen. Move there and after talking to the neighbor, search Chapmen’s car to find some clues. Chapmen will escape in a trolley. Take him down to rap up the case.

House of Sticks
You will be acting as Jack Kelso for this case. Get the case from Elsa and after looking into it, you need to talk to her. Next, your destination is Elysian fields. The clues you need to look for at fields’ site:

  • Cement delivery receipt
  • Demolition order
  • Company memo

Move around the office to find the clues (look at the desks). After the duel with foreman, he will lead you to the site where Lou died. To the far side near the bulldozer, you will find some blocks of wood written with the name, “Keystone Studios”. Foreman will try to run you over with the bulldozer. Shoot the driver to slow him down. Escape thee bulldozer and head for your next destination.

Bribe the guard and jump over the fence and then move into the theater. Now you need to play the film you will find on the left. Adjust the knobs to make and the switch to play the film showing suspects named Sandler, Fontaine, Monroe, Gordon, and Worrell. Also check the table on the left side for another film reel for Suburban Redevelopment Fund. Call Benson and ask him if he knows something.

Head to the second Elysian site now. You will be attacked that by the enemies in the room. Don’t get desperate to kill them as either one way or another, you gonna loose. After the cutscenes will begin a chase and this time, you are the one who is being chased by some goons. The chase will be rather tricky so all your driving skills you have learnt so far are going to be tested. Reach Elsa’s house to finish the case.

A Polite Invitation
You will be heading to Curtus Benson’s apartment. Start gather the clues before you can ask some questions.

  • Inferior lumber
  • Redevelopment Fund
  • Share certificate
  • Insurance agreement

You can show him the insurance certificate when he lies about the suburban development. Now, you need to get back to your work place. Head up into your office and check Lou’s file. After looking at blueprints next and some chit chat with Cole, you are off to Hall of records.

Move to the registry office and ask the man for records. Courtney Sheldon is the name you are looking for in Suburban development. Onto the city map use the coordinates (34 degrees, 4 minutes, 29 seconds North and 118 degrees, 17 minutes, 58 seconds West) and you will have a number. Fetch next machine with then number 1876988 and divide by 90000. The total will be 21. Head back to the shelf and have a look at the land record book.

Some thugs will attack you next. They most probably will try to ambush you so keep your eyes open for both the flanks. Once dealt with them, head to the apartment and answer the phone. Next is the Monroe’s place now. A huge gunfight awaits. The basic trick remains the same that is don’t blow off your cover. Take out the first few ones from the mansion’s entrance and then you can move in.

Inside the building now and some more enemies to deal with. You will ultimately get to Monroe on the second floor. Look around for the evidence (Payroll info and list of house sellers). The case will end as you read the news paper on the desk.

A Different Kind of War
Pay a visit to pest control (three of them) companies before you visit the murder site. At the crime site, the clues you are looking for:

  • Fontaine’s blackmail papers
  • Freeway route
  • Crystal ball
  • Morphine cabinet

You will find the crystal ball lying beside the body. On the desk you can find a blank paper. Shade it till the camera zooms and then place it under the sheet to get info on Freeway route. You can find the Blackmail papers by the door.

At Rincon’s place, search the area for clues. You will find a flamethrower to your right side. You will find the origami in the crane. Okinawa’s picture is on the wall. Escort Kelso to the River tunnels where you will take control of him again. Now you will confront plenty of armed men. You don’t need to worry about the path as all you need to do is kill people firing at you and head their way.

You will find weapons (even a flame thrower) at various points so make sure you collect them as you will need them in this long shootout. Once you have Elsa and Ira, the main campaign part will be over. You can now look for any unlockables you might have missed or play other street crimes or even start over again.

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