LA Noire Police Badges Locations Guide

If you pre-ordered the game from GameStop/Game, you will have Badge Pursuit Challenge unlocked in the game, which requires you to find 20 hidden police badges/shields throughout LA Noire. This LA Noire Police Badges Locations guide will help you track down all these badges and complete the Badge Pursuit Challenge.

If you can find all 20 of these badges, the dapper Button Man suit will be unlocked, providing extra ammo for all weapons. Each badge also provides 5 additional XP which will help further unlock intuition points.

La Noire police badges locations

You can find these badges by searching in the specified locations below.

Police Badge #1

Head towards Grauman’s Theater, as you approach its entrance, look for the red carpets leading inside. You’ll find a larger red carpet along with 2 smaller ones on each side, the Police Badge will be located along the left-sided carpet.

Police Badge #2

The second Police Badge location is by the Hotel Roosevelt. Head towards Hollywood Boulevard and take a turn towards Orange Drive to get to the hotel’s entrance. The Police Badge will be found by the front door.

Police Badge #3

Head towards the Mx Factor building, the building is lying southeast of the intersection between Highland and Hollywood Boulevard. Now while on a vehicle, smash through the fences to find the Police Badge lying next to a brown trash dumper.

Police Badge #4

Move towards Las Palmas and head east towards Hollywood Boulevard. The fourth Police Badge will be found going to the rear side of the Musso and Franks building beneath a green awning.

Police Badge #5

The fifth Police Badge is in Crossroads of the World. Travel towards Sunset Boulevard and choose either the left or right path beside the building. As you move along this path you’ll find and hallway about midway through, go through to find the badge.

Police Badge #6

The sixth Police Badge can be found at Westlake Tar Pits. Head along this route to find a white cabin. Search the cabin’s porch area to find the badge.

Police Badge #7
The seventh Police Badge can be found at the L.A. County Art Museum. Head towards the building and enter the parking area. Now go down the driveway to the left to the badge.

Police Badge #8

This badge will be found in Bullocks Wilshire. Head towards the area and go down the staircase, now move left along the star-patterned floor. The badge will be found below the Canopy structure.

Police Badge #9

The 9th badge is found at Intolerance Set. The left and right approaches to the stage are closed off, take an alternative route around the back, and find the entrance to the tunnel under the stage. The badge will be found inside this tunnel.

Police Badge #10

Travel towards MacArthur Park, once you get there, head to the dock area near the parked paddle boats and you’ll find the Police Badge lying on a barrel.

Police Badge #11

Head towards Los Angles Examiner and go to its parking area. Now move along the green walls to find the Police Badge next to a few plant pots.

Police Badge #12

The badge is located just by the entrance of the R.K.O. Theatre. Once you are there turn right to find it underneath the canopy.

Police Badge #13

The badge is located on the rooftop of the L.A. Public Library. To get to the top, search for the drainage pipe by the building entrance, ascend the pipe, and latch onto the left ledge. Once on top, you’ll find the badge in the middle portion of the building roof.

Police Badge #14

Head towards Pershing Square, and look for Trolley Dogs, you’ll find the Police Badge lying on top of a table beside it.

Police Badge #15

Head to the Hall of Records, enter the building, and move along the lobby hallway. You’ll find the badge lying on top of the reception desk found midway along this hallway.

Police Badge #16

Head to the Union Station, now look for the Southern Pacific signpost. You’ll find a ticket counter below this signpost, to your left. The badge will be found beside it.

Police Badge #17
Travel towards the western end of Chinatown, once there look for two lion figures. The figures are in an alleyway in the southwest area of Chinatown. The badge will be found lying in between the two lion statues.

Police Badge #18
Travel towards Angel Flight and follow the tracks climbing upwards. The badge will be found beneath these tracks.

Police Badge #19

Head to the 6th Street Viaduct and examine the middle pylon structures. Ascend these pylons to find the Police Badge on top.

Police Badge #20

Travel towards the Main Street Terminal and make your way along the track. You’ll find yellow buses to your right and the Police Badge lying in front of a red trolley.

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