LA Noire Characters, Partners, Suspects, Victims and Witnesses Guide

Guide to everything you need to know about all the LA Noire Characters with details on partners, suspects, victims, and witnesses that you will come across during many cases as a detective of LAPD.

LA Noire Characters

Cole Phelps – Main Protagonist
Cole Phelps is a former member of the Marine Corps, who returned from the war as a hero. He soon joins the police department and finds his way through the ranks to become a detective.


Ralph Dunn
Ralph Dunn is Cole Phelps’ partner during his time on Patrol. He is new to police force with little or no experience in law enforcement.

Stefan Bekowsky
Stefan Bekowsky is Phelps partner during his time on traffic desk. He knows about the law enforcement and has solved many cases with Cole during their time together.

Rusty Galloway
Finbar “Rusty” Galloway is Phelps partner in homicide cases. He is an experienced homicide detective and will assist Phelps when he moves up to homicide department.

Roy Earle
Detective Roy Earle is Phelps partner during his time at the ‘Vice desk’. He seems to have a problem with Blue Room Jazz Club singer Elsa Lichtman.

Herschel Biggs
Herschel Biggs will be Phelps partner during his time at Arson Desk. Biggs is an arrogant man with an ego but has huge experience in the field that he has been referred to as an institution in the game.

Partner Tips

You can use your partners to assist you in many ways in L.A. Noire. Following tips will get you started with how to coordinate with your partner in solving a case in L.A. Noire or simple making the best use of them.

  1. When you need to drive to a location, you can ask your partner to drive, which will move you to the location instantly. If you decide to drive yourself, your partner will provide you with directions to the location.
  2. When you’re stuck during a case, you can speak to your partner, who’ll offer a suggestion to what the next step should be.
  3. It is shown so far that some partners have their own cars. It is unknown whether you can choose to drive their cars or a squad car.
  4. When visiting crime scenes, partners will help Phelps look for clues and evidence. When a partner finds something, he will call Phelps over to take a look.


Cole Phelps
Protagonist – Patrol Officer/Detective

Ralph Dunn
Patrol Officer – Phelps’s partner in Patrol

Stefan Bekowsky
Traffic, Detective – Phelps’s partner

Gordon Leary
Traffic, Captain – Phelps’s Captain

Herschel Biggs
Arson, Detective – Phelps’s partner

Lachlan McKelty
Arson, Captain – Phelps’s Captain

Rusty Galloway
Homicide Department, Detective – Phelps’s partner

James Donnelly
Homicide Department, Captain – Phelps’s Captain

Roy Earle
Vice, Detective – Phelps’s partner

Archie Colmyer
Vice, Lieutenant – Phelps’s Comanding Officer

William Ward
William Ward is a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Detective Tilden
Detective Tilden is a detective in the LAPD.

Detective Case
Detective Case is a detective in the LAPD.

Floyd Rose
Floyd Rose is a retiring detective in the LAPD. Phelps comes in to replace him after he retires under shady circumstances.

Joseph Hobbes
Detective Hobbes works for the Vice Department and is a Traffic detective.

Detective Rossi
Detective Rossi is a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Roger Becket
Roger Becket is a crime scene photographer in L.A. Noire.

Clyde Hart
Clyde Hart is a patrol officer for the LAPD. He appears during the case, “The Driver’s Seat” in which he ‘babysits’ a witness, Nate Wilkey.

William Worrell

William Worrell is the Chief of Police of the LAPD.

Lazarus Cafarelli

He is the vice-captain of the LAPD.

Lieutenant Taylor

He is a Lieutenant in the USMC.

James Hopkins

He is Watch Commander of Wilshire Police Station. He is first mentioned by Ralph during Armed and Dangerous.

Malcolm Carruthers

He is a Coroner for the LAPD.

Finis Brown

He is a Detective Sergeant in the LAPD’s Homicide division. He acted as the lead investigator in the Black Dahlia case. He appears in the mission “The Silk Stocking Murder”.

Harold Caldwell

Harold is a Burglary detective with the LAPD and a former partner of Cole Phelp.

Thad Green

This Detective is the Deputy in Chief of the LAPD.


He is a Detective


He is a Detective

Graham Sommers

He is a Detective

Danny Aiello – Patrolman

Mike Branigan – Patrolman

Morris Callahan – Patrolman

Emmett Campbell – Patrolman

Clem Dalbey – Patrolman

John Dierkes – Patrolman

Enrique Gonzales – Patrolman

Max Faber – Patrolman

Clyde Hart – Patrolman

Thomas Houlihan – Patrolman

Sam Kaplan – Patrolman

David Ramirez – Patrolman

Harry Sumner – Patrolman

Jack Tabot – Patrolman

Leroy Tate – Patrolman

Levon Tate – Patrolman

Herbert Walwick – Patrolman

Glen Wheeler – Patrolman

Dudley Wheelright – Patrolman

Victor Zimmerman – Patrolman

Adrian Tucker – Investigator

Ray Pinker – Technical Services

John Hopkins – Watch Commander at the Hollywood Police Station.

Mel Fleischer – Watch Commander

Frank Lacey

He is a Watch Commander who appears in Manifest Destiny. He is present at the crime scene of the Felix Alvarro’s attempted murder.

Persons of Interest

These include major as well as small LA Noire characters

Reginald Varley
Reginald Varley is a suspect in one of the cases.

Mark Bishop
Mark Bishop is a film producer, who appears in the Traffic case ‘The Fallen Idol’ as a one of the main suspects.

Wendell Bowers
Wendell Bowers is pursued on foot by Phelps in the Patrol case, ‘Warrants Outstanding’ for skipping out on parole.

Frank Morgan
Frank Morgan appears during the case, ‘The Driver’s Seat’ as friend and co-worker of Adrian Black, a man who disappeared. Phelps will interrogate him to discover Adrian’s location.

Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan is a suspect in the Arson case The Gas Man.

Garret Mason
Garret Mason is a bartender of ‘The Bamba Club’ and is interrogated by Phelps during the ‘Red Lipstick Murder’ case.

Jacob Henry
Jacob Henry is suspected of murdering his wife, Celine Henry, during the case “The Red Lipstick Murder”.

William Shelton
William Shelton is suspected of hitting Lester Pattison with his Lincoln Continental in ‘A Marriage Made in Heaven’.

Angel Maldonado
Angel Maldonado is Antonia Maldonado’s husband and the main suspect in her murder case.

Margaret Black
Margaret Black is a prime suspect in the case, “The Driver’s Seat”. Her husband, Adrian Black, goes missing and his car is found covered in blood.

Stuart Ackerman

He is a suspect in “The White Shoe Slaying” homicide case. During WWII, he had a portion of his face burned by his own flamethrower and he has PTSD. He is a suspect because he saw Theresa Taraldsen being drunk before her murder.

Diego Aguilar

Joanna Alford

Felix Alvarro

Jean Archer

Henry Arnett

Carlo Arquero

Catherine Barton

Richard Bates

Curtis Benson

James Belasco

Steven Bigelow

Gloria Bishop

Mark Bishop

Adrian Black

Margaret Black

Wendell Bowers

Freddie Calhoun

Herbert Chapman

Walter Clemens

Benny Cluff

Mickey Cohen

Richard Coombs

Jorge Garcia Cruz

Juan Garcia Cruz

John Cunningham

Gabriel Del Gado

William Dewey

Candy Edwards

Beverly Evestrom

Clem Feeney

Lenny Finkelstein

Dudley Forman

Nelson Gaines

Clovis Galletta

Albert Hammond

Oscar Hangstrom

Cliff Harrison

Jacob Henry

Ira Hogeboom

Marlon Hopgood

Jennifer Horgan

Oswald Jacobs

John Ferdinand Jamison

James Jessop

Jermaine Jones

Ernesto Juarez

Edgar Kalou

Barbara Lapenti

Jimmy LeBlanc

Gordon Leitvol

Lockheed Employee

Dudley Lynch

Angel Maldonado

Vernon Mapes

Garrett Mason

Grosvenor McCaffrey

Dick McColl

Harold McLellan

Alonzo Mendez

Hugo Moller

Michelle Moller

Fleetwood Morgan

Frank Morgan

Joseph Nesco

Fred Nicholson

Tomoko Okamoto

Merlon Ottie

Howard Parnell

Lorna Pattison

Shannon Perry

Jose Ramez

Ivan Rasic

Willy Reade

Virginia Reynoldson

Walter Robbins

Anna Rodriguez

Sergio Rojas

Eli Rooney

Matthew Ryan

Leroy Sabo

Airto Sanchez

Errol Schroeder

William Shelton

Celia Stanley

Johnny Stompanato

Harold Stoneman

Heather Swanson

Lars Taraldsen

James Tiernan

Juan Francisco Valdez

Reginald Varley

Olivia Volkert

Nate Wilkey

Frank Zeferelli

Don Steffens


Jessica Hamilton
Jessica Hamilton appears in Traffic department case ‘The Fallen Idol’. She is a Hollywood hopeful who along with her aunt, June Ballard, was drugged and their car rolled off an escarpment. She

Phelps will interrogate her in the city’s hospital. If Phelps chooses the right answers during the interview, Jessica will confess that she was sexually assaulted by movie producer Mark Bishop.

June Ballard
June Ballard is a famous movie star who has been closely linked with mobsters. She appears in “The Fallen Idol” along with her niece Jessica Hamilton. Both were drugged and their car rolled off an escarpment. She’s married to Guy McAfee, an L.A. mobster.

Tan Do
Tan Do is a laundry store owner.

Adrian Black
Adrian Black goes missing during the case “The Driver’s Seat” and his car is found with blood all over it. It turns out that Adrian is hiding out at Frank Morgan’s house.

Julia Randall
Julia Randall was a Los Angeles based model who modeled for both Celia Stanley and the Arnett Clothing Emporium, while working part time at the fashion store D’Assine. In The Naked City, she is found dead in her bathtub by her housemaid, Virginia Reynoldson with the cause of death as an apparent suicide.

Celine Henry
Celina Henry is one of the victims in “The Red Lipstick Murder” case. Her husband, Jacob Henry, is a suspect in the case.

Antonia Maldonado
Antonia Maldonado is a victim in the The Silk Stocking case. Maldonado’s estranged husband, Angel Maldonado, is a main suspect in her murder.

Evelyn is a victim in “The Red Lipstick Murder” case. .

Lenny Finkelstein
Lenny Finkelstein is one of the victims in L.A. Noire. Prior to his death, he was general manager of Polar Bear Ice Company.

Cornell Eustace Tyree
Cornell Eustace Tyree is found dead in apartment during the vice case “The Black Caesar”. Apparent cause of death seem to be poisonous morphine.

Tyrone Anthony Lamont
Tyrone Anthony Lamont is found dead in a squalid apartment during the vice case “The Black Caesar”. Apparent cause of death seems to be poisonous morphine.

Walter Beckett

Beckett was a member the Sixth Marines alongside Phelps. You find him in his dying moments after he gets riddled with bullets during the Vice case Manifest Destiny.

Michael Driscoll

Dies in the same shootout as Beckett during Manifest Destiny.

Everett Gage

He is a victim in the Buyer Beware case.

Eddie McGoldrick

Dies in the shootout in Manifest Destiny.

Deidre Moller

She is the murder victim in The Golden Butterfly Homicide case.

Mike Morelli

Mike and his family are victims in the case “A Walk in Elysian Fields“.

Lester Pattison

Lester is a hit-run victim in the “A Marriage Made in Heaven” case.

Scooter Peyton

He is the murder victim in the case “Upon Reflection“.

Hank, Edwina, Henry and Jessica Sawyer

The Sawyer family are victims in the Arson case “The Gas Man“.

Evelyn Summers

Evelyn Summers is the murder victim in “The Studio Secretary Murder” case.

Theresa Taraldsen

She is the murder victim in “The White Shoe Slaying” case.


Oswald Jacobs
Oswald Jacobs is a witness in one of the cases.

Dudley Lynch
Dudley Lynch is a bartender at Ray’s Cafe.

Nate Wilkey
Nate Wilkey is a rail worker in L.A. Noire. He is a witness in The Driver’s Seat.

Virginia Reynoldson
Virginia Reynoldson is Julia Randall’s housemaid and the one who found her dead in her bathtub.

Jennifer Horgan
Jennifer Horgan is a character in L.A. Noire.

Margaret Black
Margaret Black is a character in L.A. Noire. During the case, “The Driver’s Seat”, her husband, Adrian Black, goes missing and his car is found covered in blood.

Shannon Perry
Shannon Perry is a witness in A Marriage Made in Heaven.

Ms. Galletta
Clovis Galletta is a shoe store clerk at Nunn Bush Shoes and a witness to the murder of Everett Gage, her boss.

Fickman is a gun store owner and a witness in one of the cases.

John Ferdinand Jamison
John Ferdinand Jamison is a Pacific Electric rail-yard employee and a witness in the Red Lipstick murder case.

Others Characters

Albert Lynch
Los Angeles Fire Department – Arson Investigator

Guy McAfee
Guy McAfee is a mobster in Los Angeles.

Dick McColl is the owner of The Bamba Club and is interrogated by Phelps during the case The Red Lipstick Murder.

Candy Edwards
Candy Edwards is a character in L.A. Noire who appears during the Vice desk case, The Set-Up.

Ivan Rasic is a character in L.A. Noire.

Elsa Lichtman
Elsa Lichtmann is a German-born Jazz singer working at the The Blue Room.

Leonard Petersen
Leonard Petersen is an Assistant District Attorney in Los Angeles.

Richard Coombs
Richard Coombs is a car dealer, who appears in L.A. Noire during the A Slip of the Tongue case.

Gloria Bishop
Gloria Bishop is the wife of Hollywood film producer Mark Bishop.

Ray Pinker
Ray Pinker is a character featured in L.A. Noire.

Malcolm Carruthers
Dr. Malcolm Carruthers, works in the LAPD in the position of coroner.

Ira Hogeboom
Ira Hogeboom is a character in L.A. Noire.

Curtis Benson
Curtis Benson is the CEO of California Fire and Life insurance company.

Harlan Fontaine
Harlan Fontaine is a clinical psychologist.

Courtney Sheldon
Courtney Sheldon is a character featured in L.A. Noire.

Johnny Stompanato
Johnny Stompanato is a right-hand man and bodyguard to Mickey Cohen.

Carlo Arquero
Carlo Ancelotti is an Italian boxing manager of Albert Hammond.

Richard Bates
Richard Bates is a character featured in L.A. Noire.

Gabriel Del Gado
Gabriel Del Gado is a mechanic and a street racer. In the case ‘Consul’s Car’, he is suspected of stealing Juan Francisco Valdez’s diplomatic vehicle.

Albert Hammond
Albert Hammond is a is a professional boxer and regional champion who disappears after winning a fight he was supposed to loose. His name comes in the Vice case, The Set-Up.

Cliff Harrison
Cliff Harrison is a character featured in L.A. Noire.

Jack Kelso
Jack Kelso is a former United States Marine and a friend of Phelps.

Celia Stanley
Celia Stanley is a suspect in The Naked City case.

Juan Francisco Valdez
Juan Francisco Valdez is an Argentinean Consul General in Los Angeles. His diplomatic vehicle is stolen in the case Consul’s Car and it is up to Phelps and his partner Stefan Bekowsky to find the car.

William Dewey
William Dewey is a car dealer. His mechanic, Gabriel Del Gado, has been accused of stealing an automotive in one of the cases.

Anna Rodriguez
Anna Rodriguez is a Gabriel Del Gado’s pregnant girlfriend.

Marlon Harwood
Marlon Hopgood is the co-owner of The Silver Screen Prop Store along with Hollywood film producer Mark Bishop. Hopgood is interrogated by Cole Phelps during the case The Fallen Idol, where Bishop is a suspect.

Leroy Sabo
He is the bad guy. Spoilers*

Michelle Pattison
Michelle Pattison is an adolescent girl questioned about her father by Phelps.

Mrs. Pattison
Mrs. Pattison is the mother of Michelle Pattison.

Fetcher Bowron
Fetcher Bowron is the Mayor of Los Angeles.

Leland Monroe
Leland Monroe is a real estate magnate.

Henry Arnett
Henry Arnett is the director of the Arnett Clothing Emporium and a person of interest in The Naked City case.

Fleetwood Morgan
Fleetwood Morgan is a character in L.A. Noire.

Mrs. Phelps
Mrs. Phelps is the wife of Cole Phelps.

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