LA Noire Outfits Unlock Guide

Outfits in LA Noire can be bought at various points throughout the story. Some of these outfits also impart special features to the character. This LA Noire Outfits Unlock guide will tell you how to acquire each and every possible outfit for Cole in the game.

LA Noire Outfits Unlock

Beat Cop Uniform
This suit is available once Phelps joins LAPD as a beat cop.

Golden Boy
This outfit is available once you are promoted to the Traffic Desk.

Sword of Justice
This outfit is automatically unlocked when you reach Rank 5 and get promoted to the Homicide division.

Sunset Strip
This outfit is automatically unlocked at when you progress to Rank 8 and get promoted to the Vice desk.

The Outsider
This outfit is automatically unlocked at Rank 13 when Cole gets transferred to the Arson desk

This outfit is automatically unlocked at Rank 18 and boosts damage resistance when wearing it.

Tar Uniform
This is the outfit you wear during The Quarter Moon Murders when you are at the Westlake Tar Pits. It is the only outfit without a tie.

Button Man
This suit can be unlocked after completing the Badge Pursuit challenge. It allows players to carry extra ammo.

Chicago Lightning suit
This boosts the accuracy of guns like Thompson, Shotgun or the BAR. It can be accessed by only the members of the Rockstar Social Club.

The Sharpshooter
This outfit is available once you complete the Patrol cases. It enhances your aim with rifles and pistols.

The Broderick
This outfit is available as a pre-order bonus from and You can also obtain it as a DLC purchase from the Playstation Store or Xbox Marketplace. It is part of the Complete Edition and Remastered versions of the game.  It boosts your melee capabilities and makes you more resilient against damage.

The Hard-Boiled Detective
This outfit is unlocked by finding all eight of the Novels. Once worn, it will permanently remove one of the wrong actions you can choose when interviewing people of interest.

The Incognito
This outfit is unlocked by completing all of the Vice Desk cases without the suspects finding you on their tail. It helps you be more stealthy Makes when tailing persons of interest.

The Murphy
This outfit is unlocked if you are able to finish the Obstacle Course at the Army Base in less than 3 minutes. It gets rid of reloading animations for handguns, shotguns, and Tommy Guns.

The Untouchable
If you dodge 20 punches in a row without one landing, you will unlock this outfit. It ensures that you don’t take damage from fistfights or show bloodstains.

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