How to Evolve Kubfu in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Location and Stats

For this Isle of Armor guide, we will be helping you with tips on how to Evolve Kubfu in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Location and Stats. If you’re a bit confused as to where you can find this cute and cuddly fighter, this guide should help you with all the necessary details.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Kubfu

With the release of Isle of Armor DLC, you will be able to acquire Kubfu by completing a series of challenges. Kubfu is a Fighting-type Pokemon, that has great base stats, and is definitely a worthy consideration for your roster.

Kubfu Location
You can try to get Kubfu by trading with another player who has the Expansion Pass or transfer it from Pokemon HOME.

However, if you do have the expansion pass, then you’re in luck. There is another Kubfu location you can acquire it from; completing three challenges given by Mustard (The Dojo Master).

The challenges will have you taking down Slowpokes, finding Max Mushrooms, and fighting against either Klara or Avery. Completing all three will reward you with Kubfu.

How to Evolve Kubfu
If you are unsure of how to evolve Kubfu, Kubfu’s Evolution requires you to grow close to it. Thich can be done by going to marked areas on your map.

On these marked locations will be Mustard’s students, interact with them to increase your friendship with Kubfu.

After visiting all three locations, return to Mustard who will allow you to visit the Tower of Waters or the Tower of Darkness.

We would recommend you get Kubfu to a level of 75 before you go ahead and take on this challenge. Your Kubfu needs to be pretty strong, considering you can only use it and only it whilst facing the Tower’s challenges.

With the successful completion of challenges, you will be able to evolve Kubfu.

Kubfu Abilities
Using Inner Focus, Kubfu becomes immune to Intimidate and flinching. Does not apply for Focus Punch.

Weaknesses and Strengths
Being a Fighting-type Pokemon, Kubfu is weak to Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type Pokemon.

It will stand strong against Rock, Bug, and Dark-type Pokemon.

Kubfu Stats

HP 60
Attack 90
Defense 60
Special Attack 53
Special Defense 50
Speed 72

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