Everything You Need to Know About Atreus, Kratos’ Son in God of War 4

The release of God of War 4 is fast approaching and one of the main talking points of the game is the fact that Kratos now has a son named Atreus. Not a lot of information is available which pertains to Atreus so today we will be detailing all of the information that has slipped through the cracks and is now available for the public to see. This will help you get acquainted with a character which could end up being the protagonist of future God of War games.

All You Need to Know About Kratos’ Son Atreus in God of War 4

We have seen plenty of Atreus through a variety of gameplay videos and trailers, however, not a whole lot is known about him. It goes without saying that Atreus originates from mythology. In this piece, we have tried to explain everything you need to know about Atreus, his origins in mythology, and some exciting tidbits about this new character in God of War 4.

Atreus in Greek Mythology

Since the entire concept of the God of War franchise is based on various different mythologies and the stories revolving around them, it is no surprise that Atreus carries immense symbolical meaning. Atreus means fearless and he was the King of Mycenae in the Greek Mythology. He is the son of Pelops and Hippodamia. While Pelops himself does not seem to be similar to Kratos, it will be interesting to see how Kratos’ past is reflected through Atreus.

Atreus in Greek Mythology

One interesting thing to note here is that in the Greek Mythology, Pelops was the grandson of Zeus so he is kind of related to Kratos who was revealed to be one of Zeus’ many illegitimate children. It remains to be seen whether Atreus will have any symbolic meaning in the game or Santa Monica used the name because they found it cool.

He Fights, Or Rather, They Fight

One of the best things that we have seen of the game so far is the video in which Kratos and Atreus work together and try to take down the Soul Eater. The excitement is real as Atreus mentions the fact that the Gates of Valhalla remain shut for those who die at its hand.

We get to witness the amazing synergy that father and son have as they fight this grueling fight. This is really exciting as it opens up limitless possibilities for us to utilize the two characters together, and it will be interesting to see the new mechanics that are available for us to utilize due to us having twice the firepower.

Lore and Implications

We know of the father but there is no information pertaining to the mother of Atreus. His past has generally been kept in the dark but there are subtle hints dropped which mention the possibility of him and his mother having lived without Kratos for some time.

God of War 4 Atreus, Kratos' Son

Kratos does not trust the hunting ability of his son, as he did not teach it to him himself. They do not really mention the mother of Atreus a lot but the way they speak of her could mean that she is already dead. Eventually, Kratos meets his son and they hunt together. Kratos also teaches Atreus how to fight but their different personalities are soon obvious, as Atreus does not seem to enjoy killing as much as Kratos does.

Weaponry and Powers

Since Atreus is a grandson of Zeus, he is able to have certain powers over electricity. This means that he can charge an arrow with electricity before he fires it. He also has a bow and is considered to be quite proficient with it most of the time. Lastly, he seems to have the superhuman stamina and he can run endlessly without ever feeling tired or fatigued.


As you will be controlling Kratos for most of the time, and Atreus is your child, you will have control over certain actions that he performs. This means that you will be able to decide what is best for Atreus and will be able to shape his character as the storyline moves ahead.

Atreus and Lore Implications in God of War 4

It will be interesting to see how the parenting aspect affects the storyline and whether or not God of War is able to make your choices have an actual impact inside of the game like Life is Strange does.

Other Exciting Tidbits

We believe Atreus to be a ¼ god due to him being the son of a demigod. It is also implied through the trailer that he is not aware of what his father has done in the past and that he will discover this as the story of the game unfolds.

It has also been confirmed that the players will, in fact, be taking control of the character during certain parts of the game, and he will not be just a bystander to the storyline.

That is Everything You Need to Know About Atreus, Kratos’ Son in God of War 4. Let us know if you have something new to add using the comments section below!

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