Kratos In God of War PS4 Is No Longer A Loathed Antihero

From the first time we’ve seen how Kratos looks in the new God of War for PlayStation 4, we knew he could never be the same. Our favorite antihero is no longer a merciless – or so we believe – killer and is now a father. That must mean something for his character, right? Creative Director, Cory Barlog explains how Kratos is a character you’ll care about in the new God of War.

We can all tell that Kratos is completely different in the upcoming God of War title than what we used to know. That terrifying presence is now transformed into a paternal figure with strong protective instincts while keeping his lonely and stiff character. Barlog states:

“We intentionally made him loathed, an antihero. Now we’re trying to make him a character you care about.”

“It’s hard to believe somebody who’s a bad guy suddenly wants to change. You need a reason.”

What has driven Kratos to Olympus’ destruction in the past games is now motivating him. Family was always the number one reason to kill for Kratos and this is his turning point now as well. Barlog states that Atreus is the reason Kratos is changing and you’ll be able to see this as you play. You won’t need to protect him but he’ll be there as a motivation and support when you need him. He claims:

“Atreus is the mirror that shines on Kratos that makes him realize that he needs to change…. Atreus will pull the humanity out. Kratos will be shown his own humanity, and he’ll figure out how to embrace it.”

Fans that loved God of War for more than a decade now have grown up and with them, the franchise does as well. It’s a breath of fresh air to see series and characters adapting as the time passes and we can’t wait to see how God of War is presenting this, when it releases on PlayStation 4 on April 20th. Cory Barlog announced that God of War PS4 development is now over, and the game has gone gold.

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