Konami’s New Focus Is Now On Mobile Games And Pro Evolution Soccer

Konami’s new focus when it comes to gaming will apparently be moving to mobile games and Pro Evolution Soccer, after around two years of constantly promoting pachinko versions of their most popular franchises. However, mobile gaming and Pro Evolution Soccer have both been the company’s most successful areas of revenue.

Considering that Konami still owns a number of other properties that they’ve made mobile games out of, such as Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links, it’s not surprising that they’ve managed to make a good bit of money via mobile gaming by making those games out of nostalgic properties.

Pro Evolution Soccer is for the most part Konami’s most successful remaining game title, and is the closest thing that Electronic Arts has to a rival when it comes to soccer games. Though it’s not as successful as FIFA, apparently the game is successful enough that Konami counts it as one of its higher earners.

As a part of Konami’s new focus, the company also released a game for the Nintendo Switch, Super Bomberman R. Super Bomberman R ended up selling around 500,000 copies, which makes it a solid earner for them as well despite getting only mixed reviews.

Konami withdrew from developing video games following their falling out with Hideo Kojima and a huge downward spiral in their stock market, instead preferring to focus on arcade games and mobile titles, though a few games like Pro Evolution Soccer remained. Konami has also recently been in talks about the possibility of a Castlevania game coming out for the Switch.

Whether all of this means that Konami’s new focus will go entirely into mobile gaming and Pro Evolution Soccer, or the company will begin developing more video games in the future, but either way it seems like Konami isn’t quite done with video gaming just yet.