Konami’s Working On Crimesight, Not A New Silent Hill

The good news is that Konami has been working on a brand new game called Crimesight. The bad news being that the announcement waters down any lingering hopes of seeing a new Silent Hill game, at least in the near future.

Konami has so far shared only a few details about its new “mystery simulation game” but enough to warrant attention.

Crimesight takes place in a futuristic London where an “analytical program developed using data harvested online” has plunged crime rates across the world by predicting where a crime will take place. The same system however has also predicted a crime of an unknown nature which could possibly “plunge the world into chaos.”

In order to investigate and prevent this particular crime, a new artificial intelligence system called Sherlock has been created and which players will be accessing to solve all sorts of cases including the one pegged to destroy the world.

Sherlock will not be alone though. His nemesis Moriarty has also been created as another artificial intelligence system. Hence, while Moriarty makes predictions for the perfect murder, Sherlock must predict ways to stop the criminal mastermind.

Crimesight as such will task players to deduce “not only the culprit, but the victim as well.” The game will support multiplayer for two to four players and is currently running a closed beta on Steam.

Crimesight remains without a release date and without the confirmation of coming to consoles. Konami will presumably sharing more details once it is done with initial beta testing. That being said, interested players can add the game to their Steam wishlists in the meantime.

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