Konami Warns Fans of Fake Metal Gear Solid Survey Circulating Online

Konami is warning fans against a fake Metal Gear Solid survey and is calling is malicious scam to harm the fans.

As users of the Internet, we must always be aware of scams and fake websites that while mimicking real sites are not what they seem. Konami recently posted a tweet to make gamers aware that a fake Metal Gear Solid/Konami Survey appears to be making its way around the Internet, but it is fake:


They continued to highlight elements of the survey to highlight the signs that give it away:

— Konami (@Konami) July 1, 2015


As this site was offering cash prizes for partaking in the survey, it is important that Konami have brought this to fans attention, and made sure that they know when surveys like this will be official!

Often created to capture your details or to try to download malicious code to your computer, this also highlights the need for virus checkers and other Internet Security software on your computer. In addition, make sure you update them regularly!

As promotions and surveys are often used in the build up to games coming out it comes as no surprise that fake sites start to spring up in an attempt to catch Internet users out. At least Konami have made a point of warning its followers before they make the mistake of falling for the scam.

Did you see this survey or have you been a victim of scams like this? Let us know your thoughts below.

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