Konami Reveals New Footage And Screenshots of Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive, Konami’s next addition to the Metal Gear universe is set for February release and against popular belief, it is actually a decent spinoff to the series. Konami has revealed new footage of the game through the game’s Twitter account along with a few screenshots showing how it’s holding up.

Metal Gear Survive will be taking survivors of the original Diamond Dogs mercenaries into a parallel dimension where they find themselves under attack by zombies, and must now fight to survive in this strange new world. The game is in co-op mode and requires an internet connection to run it, however, it is unknown if the game requires a constant connection or just at the start-up.

In the first video we see a Walker Gear in action, showing its movement and fight capabilities. It’s obvious that the walker functions differently than seen previously in Metal Gear Solid V. Its movement speed is increased and it can now kick things in melee combat instead of just shooting.

Moving on to the next video where we see the ending scene of the mission with the results and bonuses of the round. Your points are calculated depending on how many waves you cleared, the “total digged Iris” energy and your personal score in general. Furthermore, after the finish of the game, crates are touching the ground which include your rewards.

The rewards we see in this video are all recipes, so we’ll have to wait and see if something else is included. Depending on your score you will be awarded extra loot after the game, with the first player in points getting an extra weapon as a reward.

There are also a bunch of screenshots shared on Metal Gear Survive Twitter account featuring the Mist World, the Wormhole Digger and a huge pack of Wanderers.

Furthermore, A new trailer showing off some Metal Gear Survive gameplay has been released onto Twitter, showing off the number of weapons and traps that you can make to keep your base safe in Konami’s controversial zombie survival game, which comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22 of 2018.

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