Konami Put the Ban on Fan Made Metal Gear Solid 5 Picture after Kojima Retweet

In another bizarre twist to the Konami and Hideo Kojima drama, Konami block a fan created Metal Gear Solid 5 image after the game director retweets it.

It looks as if Konami are perfecting the art of trolling the internet. In their latest move, it appears they took action when Hideo Kojima decided to retweet a fan made Metal Gear Solid 5 image.

As you can see we can’t actually see what this image is as it appears that Konami have forced it to be removed, as copyright holders. Why did they do this? The only people who can answer that one is them.

Another bizarre twist in the relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami, and while in reality it means little, to the fans on the internet this is another “evil” that the company has done. Are they going to force all fan Metal Gear Solid fan made images off Social Media? I’d hate to think how that one will turn out.

One thing we should note is that we don’t know what the image was, and just why Konami decided to take action. With their less than positive public image at the moment this may not have been the best action to take. Of course this isn’t the first time they’ve trolled the gaming community, the release of the physical version on PC of Metal Gear Solid 5 came with just the Steam installer on the disc, which wasn’t well received by the fans.

At a time when Konami need to improve their public image, is this the time to crack down on the fans like this? Common sense really implies that it should be no.


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