Kojima Wants to Play Deathloop But Can’t, Why?

Arkane Studios’ latest offering to the Playstation crowd, Deathloop, finally released today. While many people want to play it, one of those people is Hideo Kojima. However, he can’t, but not because he doesn’t have a Playstation 4. It’s because apparently, Kojima-san starts feeling sick whenever he plays a first-person shooter.

Deathloop, much like Arkane’s other games that have been released the past few years, is a first-person game. In the game, you play as Colt, a man who is attempting to break a time loop by killing eight specific targets, all of whom have trapped him and hundreds of henchmen on an island, reliving the same day over and over.

The game plays like a more run-and-gun version of Dishonored, as Colt not only has an arsenal of various weapons at his disposal, but also a large array of weird powers. The game also has a bit of Souls-ness to it, as Juliana, another person trapped on the island, is doing her best to kill him each loop.

With a premise this bonkers, it’s no surprise that Hideo Kojima would want to play Deathloop. Unfortunately, if he gets sick while playing first-person games, there’s no telling if he’ll even be able to play it properly.

Many people sometimes have various issues when playing video games, whether it’s deafness, blindness, color-blindness, or other things. But light-headedness due to the rapid movement required to play the game is one that doesn’t get talked about very much.

Accessibility is always key in video games, but there’s not really much that a developer can do to deal with vertigo, especially in terms of first-person games. Hopefully Hideo Kojima will be able to find a way to be able to play Deathloop at some point in the future, however. The game is getting good reviews so far, so it’d be a shame if someone like him had to miss out.

If you’re interested yourself, you can pick up Deathloop now on Playstation 5 and PC.