Kojima Talks About Dynamic Weather and Wildlife for The Phantom Pain

Plenty of new information has arrived for MGS V: The Phantom Pain, courtesy of the recent Taipei Game Show 2015.

Series creator Hideo Kojima was pretty vocal about how the game has been a real challenge. In fact, he stated that Phantom Pain has been the toughest game to develop in the series by far. He reasoned that firstly a whole new engine was needed to be built. Secondly, the studio had to go through a restructuring process, which added more stress and problem solving.

Amongst the various new features, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will also feature a dynamic weather system that will have an extensive impact on gameplay. During rain, enemies will more likely to seek out shelter, leaving trails open for players to use.

Wildlife will also play a vital role. Unlike Metal Gear Solid 3, players won’t be able to eat animals but they will still be able to capture them and build a private zoo at Mother Base. From here on they will be of use. Kojima however, didn’t mention in what way they will be useful.

Mother Base can be played online and offline. Note though when playing online, other players can attack your base while you’re on a mission.

Lastly Kojima expressed a wish to make an open-world title for the original Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation 4.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is due for release sometime later this year.

via NeoGAF

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