Kojima Productions Logo Has A Secret Hidden In It

The new Kojima Productions logo for the Hideo Kojima`s development studio, apparently has a secret hidden in it. The famed Metal Gear creator revealed this in a recent interview with Famitsu.

Originally the Kojima Productions logo was revealed last December  when Kojima first announced the founding of Kojima Production, along with its partnership with Sony for his first game. While the logo looks cool, there are no indications about what secret it is hiding.

In the interview Kojima did not reveal a lot about the logo, neither he gave a whole lot in terms of specifics. However, Kojima did stated that the secret is actually a part of a full character that he cannot yet talk about.

According to Kojima:

“I can’t really say yet, but this logo has a secret. It has a full body, a really cool full body. We’re planning on putting out a figure version of it.

Now this statement arises a question that why Kojima would do that? Because the logo represents the entire studio and he is revolving the company`s logo around a fictional character, about which no one knows except him and the developers.

Though it is not confirmed, but it would be difficult to believe that Kojima would call such attention to it or his company would go through the trouble of having a figure made, if it weren’t somehow relevant to his new game.

The first game from the newly founded Kojima Productions will appeal to both Uncharted and The Division fans according to Kojima. While nothing is known about this game, but Kojima`s name attached to it we can be sure of the quality. Kojima is looking for the best technology to develop its game in partnership with SONY.

Were you able to find the secret in the Kojima Productions logo? Let us know in the comments.

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