Kojima on PS4 Exclusive: The Concept is to Create Something With Fewer People

These past couple of years have been very interesting in terms of news related to Japanese video games industry. The biggest news was when Hideo Kojima, the long time Konami veteran, parted ways with his employer.

The break-up made headlines across the globe and while some were happy for Hideo Kojima’s freedom, others were concerned over Konami’s future. The way Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima left Konami dented the company’s reputation as well.

Konami is busy right now making the next Metal Gear game, meanwhile, Hideo Kojima has partnered with Sony to work on a PlayStation 4 exclusive game, to be developed by the newly created Kojima productions.

Kojima on PS4 Exclusive

The project is in very early stages of development and Hideo Kojima is looking for the right technology to develop it. While speaking in the latest episode of Hideo Tube, Kojima revealed that he wants to create something edgy. The concept is to develop something great with fewer people at Kojima Productions.

Hideo went on a trip with Mark Cerny to look at the “international model” of game development. He visited Europe and U.S. He learnt that game development is one thing but healthy atmosphere of a studio is important to keep creativity flowing.

Creating something edgy with fewer people is a development model used by Ninja Theory for Hellblade. The game has been in development for a long time and even though we were suppose to see it at E3 last year, we didn’t! Of course, Ninja Theory didn’t have the support of Sony in the way Kojima does, so similar issues won’t affect Kojima Productions.

We won’t be hearing anything about his next game until next year I suppose but whatever it may be, we know Hideo Kojima will put his heart and soul into.

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