Kojima Is Playing Death Stranding, Embedding New Elements

Kojima was asked at the Tokyo Game Show 2018, regarding the status of Death Stranding. To which his reply seems to send a wave of excitement among fans. It seems like Kojima is playing Death Stranding all day long.

So what this translates into is the fact that the game has probably reached pretty far ahead in development. However, Kojima also added that he is playing Death Stranding in order to embed new elements.

Before we go on to discuss Kojima playing Death Stranding, did you attend Tokyo Game Show 2018? Well even if you didn’t but have been following it, then you must already know that Kojima’s panel was reported to be by far the largest gathering of the show.

In fact, Kojima remarked that he could not believe, how many people showed up. On that very game show, when asked about the current status of Death Stranding, Kojima said,

At the moment we’re in the phase where I’m holding the controller the whole day, embedding new elements while playing the game.

So what this means is, besides the fact that Kojima is enjoying the game in its raw form, the development of this game has surpassed the stage of overseeing the work of the individual staff members.

Kojima added that he is now looking at the project coming together in its true complete form. So among the things, we can gather, is that we might be hearing about the release date of the game, very soon.


In fact, Tommie Earl Jenkins, who as you may know was revealed as the actor playing Sam’s boss, published a post on his website, when he announced the role he was playing in the game.

There he closed off with a statement saying,

more details regarding release date coming soon

So putting all that into context, we can certainly expect to hear about the release date of the game any time soon.