Kojima Should “Cancel” His Rumored Xbox Game, Petition PlayStation Fans

Angry PlayStation fans have been signing up for a new petition which states that Hideo Kojima "has been blinded by greed."

Kojima Productions was never a first-party PlayStation developer but the way Sony Interactive Entertainment invited the Metal Gear creator may as well have given some fans the wrong impression.

There were rumors last year that Microsoft was having talks with Kojima Productions about an Xbox exclusive game. Those rumors were more recently fueled when a new report stated that a potential deal was being finalized between both parties.

Earlier today, angry PlayStation fans began signing up for a new petition which states that Hideo Kojima “has been blinded by greed” and as such “is betraying his loyal fan-base.” The petition further asks him to “come back to the winning side” as in the PlayStation side.

While the whole thing may as well be an attempt at humor, console wars always find a certain player-base taking the notion of a war too seriously. Thankfully though, the petition does not show any signs of high level toxicity which usually raises its ugly head during social media debates.

Kojima Productions remains to issue a statement on its rumored Xbox exclusive game. The project reportedly aims at promoting cloud-based gaming, meaning that Microsoft did not ink a partnership for a specific pitch and neither the developer was searching for a new publisher. Microsoft apparently wants to leverage the Kojima brand to unlock the power of its cloud servers.

Kojima Productions will be continuing its ongoing relationship with Sony for the time being. The developer recently announced a Death Stranding: Director’s Cut which will presumably release in the coming months for PlayStation 5.

However, if there really is a partnership in the making with Microsoft, Kojima Productions will likely move away from PlayStation 5 at least until it is done with its rumored Xbox exclusive game.

Death Stranding has been only the game for Kojima Productions since inception. According to art director Yoji Shinkawa, however, who worked on the Metal Gear franchise, a new game will be announced in the near future.

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