Koei Tecmo Has Planned More Nintendo Switch Exclusives Other Than Fire Emblem Warriors

Nintendo Switch has been very successful among gamers and devs and following the release of the hybrid console more and more developers are promising to develop exclusive games for Nintendo Switch. Now, Koei Tecmo, known for publishing the critically acclaimed Nioh, has revealed that the company will bring more exclusive titles to Nintendo Switch.

During the company’s recent financial briefing, Koei Tecmo president and CEO, Yoichi Erikawa, said that the company’ proprietary game engine is Switch embedded, meaning it can generate PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch titles automatically from a single source. He also praised the Nintendo Switch’s “anytime anywhere” concept and believes that it will be successful and the company will continue to support it.

He added that the company is working on titles for Nintendo Switch and Fire Emblem Warriors will not be the only Switch exclusive title that will be released by Koei Tecmo, however, no details were revealed about these exclusive titles.

Nintendo Switch has been getting quite strong third party publisher and developer support, however, not everyone thinks that the hybrid console needs it. According to Stardock CEO, Brad Wardell, Switch does not require third-party publisher and developer support given that there is plenty of first-party titles to play on the console.

Nintendo doesn’t arguably need third party. You think about the Mario games, Zelda, I mean, there’s plenty there. I mean, if it was a $1000 game system, maybe I’d care. But as it stands now, there is plenty to play with on the Switch, that’s just fine.

While, Switch has just launched over a month ago, but according to a report from Citigroup, despite Nintendo Switch being a hybrid console, it is still quite large for children and this could result in Nintendo releasing a Switch mini in FY2018.

Source: NintendoEverything

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