Knights Fall Tips and Strategies Guide – Best Weapons, Keeping Knights Alive, Using Combos

Build the best legion of Knights and earn the most fame by proving yourself in front of millions of people with the help of this Knights Fall Tips and Strategies Guide. We have broken down everything that you need to know about Knights Fall in this Knights Fall Tips and Strategies Guide.

Build large enemies, take down enemies and ensure the safety of your army with the help of this Knights Fall Tips and Strategies Guide. We have made sure that after reading this Knights Fall Tips and Strategies Guide, you know everything that you need to know about owning your competition.

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Knights Fall Tips and Strategies Guide

Knights Fall Tips and Strategies Guide details everything you need to know about the building the largest army of Knights and commanding it to own your competition all this while surviving.

Knights Fall Tips and Strategies

Identify your Gameplay Style

Before you start commanding large legions of Knights and guide them to glory, you must identify how you want to play the game. The game gives you the liberty of tackling missions in various ways.  You can choose between being offensive or defensive, it is up to you. Once you have identified your playstyle, you can start working on other elements of the game.

The game offers plenty of options for both defensive and offensive players but still, some best options are restricted behind a pay wall. Developers made sure, if you want to play it entirely free, you can but you will need to out in some hard work and dedication. You can buy plenty of accessories and upgrades just by grinding the game a bit.

If you choose to be an offensive player, you must focus on upgrading your weapons and attacking damage of your Knights. Earn more coin so that can buy more gears and items for your Knights. Owning better gear and high damage will give you an advantage in battles.

Devise a Strategy

After your playstyle, you must choose a strategy for the battlefield. Knights fall is a complete Medieval era game with real life character mechanics ranging from Knights to Catapults so Law of Physics come into play as well. Similar to real life battles, in Knights Fall you will need to formulate a battle strategy whether you want to confuse your enemy or meet them head on with a large army or Knights. Whatever strategy you plan to choose, you can always change it later.

If you prefer huge armies and absolute annihilation of your enemies by sheer numbers then your strategy should be to build large enemies. Start with upgrading your starting weapons and ensuring the highest damage output for your knights. You can also choose to equip heavy armor on all Knights to make them crash into enemies for maximum effect and a possible one-shot kill.

Upgrading the weapons and armor have a big impact on your Knight and they will become heavy and difficult to control. You must adjust your gameplay as you keep on upgrading your Knights to adjust to the changing handling character of the Knights. To balance the extra weight, wait for you enemy to settle down before you launch your Knights in the Battle.

Master the Launch of your Knights

The way you launch your Knights in the game is unique and addictive. It employs the same method used in classic pinball games. It is very straightforward and easy to understand even for new players.

Launch bar is located at the right hand of the screen f your phone and has a blood red indicator shaped like a sword. You can adjust this according to the situation to control the trajectory of your Knights and make them fall at the desired location in the game.

It is essential that you master this technique as it will be very helpful for you in the long run. A good launch trajectory means how accurately your Knights landed after they had been launched in the battle. Your Knights will deal the maximum damage when they land on top of their targets.

Remember that once you have launched your first Knight, the launcher will continue until all enemy units have been destroyed or you are out of Knights.

Choose the Weapons Wisely!

The game offers many weapons such as common heavy and light swords, Axes and Maces. Every weapon has a unique feel to it as well as unique combo attacks ranging from heavy axe swings to crushing mace blows. Some weapons are built for speed and agility while some are built for maximum damage per hit. Choose your weapons accordingly as they will play a big part in your chosen battle strategy.

Keeping Knights Alive

Basic armor and shields are provided to the Knights at the beginning of the game. However, they are not very good at keeping them alive for a long time. You must upgrade the defensive gear to ensure your survival against tougher enemies. Upgrading shields and armor increases defense and HP stats. You can use coins to buy them or sell old gear that you no longer use to upgrade your current equipment or buy a new one from the shop.

Shields are vital for your defense.  Make sure you are using the best available shields at the moment as it can save the Knight from certain death in many situations. Knights use shields to parry and block the critical strike, which will be only possible if the shield is strong enough so make sure you invest in shields in order to keep your Knights alive.

Upgrade the armor of the Knights as well as after shields, this is the second line of defense. Standard armor barely holds up against blows and arrows so you must try to upgrade as soon as possible. Choose between heavy or light armor according to your playstyle. This affects the movement of the Knights so be very careful while selecting an armor.

Use Combos Effectively

Knights Fall has a huge number of different combos that you can use in the game to defeat your enemies. Using combos make sure that your enemies die a lot quicker and effectively and the game rewards you for displaying skill. To perform a combo make sure you analyze the environment carefully. Look for small Shurikens lying around or huge razor sharp blades. If you plan your combo right, you can win the battle with one blow.

Another thing to remember when using combos is that you cannot initiate another combo while the animation for another combo is already playing. You will need to wait for it to finish before you can initiate another combo. Practice the timing well and you can initiate a series of deadly combos that your enemies cannot even comprehend.

This concludes our Knights Fall Tips and Strategies Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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