Knack PS4 Pro Patch Is On Its Way

It seems a Knack PS4 Pro Patch is on its way, according to Mark Cerny.

During a recent interview with Engadget, Cerny claimed that Sony is working on a patch supporting PS4 Pro enhanced features and it will be released soon.

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Knack is a platforming beat ’em up video game developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was on of the first titles released along with PlayStation 4, following the story of a doctor trying to bind together ancient relics in order to give them consciousness.

This process eventually gave life to Knack, a mysterious creature capable of absorbing relics and find them, growing into a gigantic wrecking machine. Knack will be a crucial element in the battle against the Goblins, trying to conquer the world headed by Gundahar.

This game received mixed reviews, as a lot of players thought Knack lacked of concreteness.

Besides Knack PS4 Pro Patch, this game has some unlockable characters and you can find down here details regarding these characters and how to unlock them.

Vampire Knack
This character can be unlocked by collecting 15 Ruby Relics.

Massive Knack
Massive Knack will be accessible by collecting Emerald Relics.

Brittle Knack
By collecting Aquamarine Relics you will unlock Brittle Knack.

Dark Knack
Dark Knack can be unlocked by collecting Amethyst Relics.

Sunstone Knack
By collecting Sunstone Relics you will unlock the Sunstone Knack.

Diamond Knack
This is the strongest one and it will be accessible by collecting Diamond Relics.

What do you think about Knack? Does it deserve a PS4 Pro Patch? Or Sony should focus on other games instead?

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