Knack 2 And An Unannounced Game Given Ratings By Brazilian Ratings Board

Knack 2 and an unannounced action-platformer game called “That’s You” have recently been given ratings by the Brazilian Ratings Board, showing that both games may be close to being announced, possibly at this year’s E3. The latter game hasn’t had a trailer yet, but the fact that both got ratings hints at a coming announcement.

Knack 2 will, obviously, be the sequel to the 2014 Playstation 4 exclusive Knack, which told the story of a robot that had to find peace between warring groups of humans and goblins. The game got a mixed critical response, with critics praising its novel ideas and concept but criticizing the story and gameplay.

The sequel got an announcement trailer at the 2016 Playstation Experience, so hopefully it will be better than the original game and the studio can fix the problems that were in the first game.

The other game that was announced aside from Knack 2, the action-platformer “That’s You”, is a complete unknown. It hasn’t had any sort of announcement trailer and, aside from its genre, we have no idea of what it’s going to be about. However, the ratings board gave it an E10+ rating, meaning that it’s for anyone over the age of 10.

Considering E3 is going to be coming up in a little over a month from now, we may get more information about both games then, possibly at the Playstation conference as they’re both for that platform. However, with the original Knack being a disappointment, and That’s You being a new property, there’s always the risk that both games might fail to impress people.

Either way we’ll just have to see the reactions to both games if they show up at E3. Knack 2 isn’t part of the games that Sony put up to promote what they were showing at E3, and neither was That’s You, so they may not even show up at the conference.