Klonoa Of The Wind Encore Trademark Fuels Remake Rumors

Klonoa might possibly be on the verge of returning after a hiatus of more than a decade, suggests an active trademark.

Klonoa might possibly be on the verge of returning after a hiatus of more than a decade.

Earlier today, a trademark for “Klonoa of the Wind Encore” that was filed a year ago by Bandai Namco was updated (via Klonoa Blog) to be active or live. That means the said trademark is now finally ready to be used as sorted registration fees for the filing took place just last week. The sudden activity safely implies that the classic Klonoa franchise will be seeing the light of day once again.

The question being in what form. Based on rumors and speculations, fans should not be expecting Bandai Namco to announce a brand new installment. Klonoa of the Wind Encore looks to be a collection of previous games that will either be remastered or remade for modern-day consoles. That being said, the trademark could also be for a remaster or remake of an unspecified Klonoa game. Since the trademark has finally been granted, expect Bandai Namco to make an announcement soon.

Since last year, Bandai Namco has been said to be remastering at least two games for a current-generation bundle. That includes Mr. Driller W that was released for Wii in 2009 and Klonoa that was released for Wii as well in the same year as a remake of the 1997 PlayStation game. These two games may possible be released once again as an encore bundle.

As stated above, the titular Klonoa franchise has been lying dormant for a long time. Even the last entry was a re-release. Bandai Namco could make a lot of fans happy by announcing a brand new game but piling evidence does suggest otherwise.

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