Kirby Star Allies Special Picture Pieces Guide – Where To Find, Complete Your Collection

The special picture pieces that you find in Kirby Star Allies are by far the most important collectible in the game. They are not that difficult to find but they are quite a few in number which is why having the Kirby Star Allies Special Picture Pieces Guide always comes in handy.

This Kirby Star Allies Guide will guide you through finding each and every one of the picture pieces in the game so that you can have all of them in your collection.

Kirby Star Allies Special Picture Pieces

All of these pieces are arranged according to the world that they are found in. They are also put in chronological order so that you can go through this guide in one go and do not have to go back and forth between the levels in order to get the special picture pieces.

Before we begin this Kirby Star Allies Special Picture Pieces Guide, we would advise players to try and search for these pieces themselves. That is infinitely more rewarding and finding them is not that hard in the first place. You can always refer back if you fail to locate a certain piece.

Special Picture Pieces Locations

Here are all of the locations for Special Picture Pieces arranged by world and level.

Dream Land
In the fourth section of Green Gardens, beat Mr. Frosty and drop down the set of ladders. Use the ice attack to destroy the burning logs and get the piece. After that, use the ice attacks on the two enemies with the fire shields towards the end of the fourth area of Donut Dome to unlock the area to another piece.

Use a fire attack to light the cannons in Honey Hill. Then climb into the cannons with three of your friends (the rest will happen automatically). Remember to hit the big switch in the level as well so that you can access Extra Éclair for another piece. The piece is on a floating platform towards the left side of the third section exit.

At the top of the first section of Fruity Forest, there is another piece in the area where you can drop down to find a chest. Lastly, you can find a piece in the second area of Castle Dedede after you beat Bugsy. Simply go right and throw your friend (copy the ability from Bugsy) at one of the metal boxes when you see them.

Planet Popstar
Jump the gaps at the Friendly Field to get the first piece. The second one is in the pool of water to the left of the exit gate in Reef Resort. For the third one, travel up in the second section of Inside Islands and use the Spider ability to make a friend go past the three spikes on your left. After that, hit the bomb to reveal a chest which has a puzzle piece.

You can also find a piece in the fifth area of Echo’s Ridge. When you make the bridge, have the enemy carrying the key come onto it and then raise it. Lift the bridge to its peak and the door to your right will be unlocked, giving you a piece. You can also get a piece at the end of Nature’s Navel by flying to the ladders on your left and climbing them.

Duplex Dream has a piece near the moving lava platforms. Use fire attacks to melt the ice blocks underneath them and then grab the by breaking the ice block using whip and fire. After that, use the whip to grab the key and open the door on your left. You can find another piece in the Sacred Square. Simply follow the yellow stars and steal the fire ability to pry apart the ice blocks and access the cave with the special picture piece.

Find a piece on the Gatehouse Road inside a star block of the third section. There is another one in a secret door of the fifth section of Eastern Wall. Grab Sumo from Bugsy and throw a friend at the two stone blocks to break them and reveal the door. In the Western Wall, hit all of the switches when fighting on the moving platforms to get the piece.

Hit the big switch in Western Wall to access Sector B and find the piece at the end of the ‘Friend Train’ section. You can also find a piece in the Inner Sanctum if you get the bomb ability and use it to access the secret area below the ground. There, combine your abilities with Plugg and use your electric bomb on the plug to your right to get the piece. Then hit the switch to access Heavenly Hall.

In Heavenly Hall, get the friend star and go through the door to find the piece when battling the enemies. Lastly, find a piece in the secret door on the bottom side of the moving platforms area. You need to use electricity and water to access the chest.

Starlight Heroes
Get the cleaning ability in Planet Earthfell and clear the leaves until you find a secret area. Here, activate the fan and hit them all to get the piece. Another piece can be found in the next level of Falluna Moon by using the ladders to access the secret area.

On Planet Misteen, get Bonkers’ ability and Plugg’s ability to get an electric hammer. Then hit the switch near Plugg to access the secret area with the piece. On Mareen Moon, go right and swim up after the floating spikes to get to the secret area. Here, hit all of the bomb blocks and you will eventually access the area at the top with the special picture piece.

On Planet Caverna, get the hammer, artist and sumo abilities. Then go to the bottom right side and smash the hammer, sumo the boulders and paint the top canvas to get the piece. On Grott Moon, head right when you see the chain and break the wall to light the bomb and get the piece. When you get to Planet Frostak, spot the piece at the top of the level during the third section, and then head right to break the ice and make the piece drop.

When you are on the Extra Planet beta, go inside during the second section and use a hammer on the first switch along with the electric hammer on the second to open a passage to the piece.

At the end of Planet Towara’s fourth section, keep an eye out for the secret picture piece when navigating the platforms. After that, stand on the mountain during the Star Lavadom fifth section and keep an eye on the right side to grab the piece. Just do it quickly or a meteor will crash into it and make it disappear.

On Sizzlai Moon, flick the switches on the hills and hit the one above a barrel. Once you do that, you can come back down and access the secret area. In that area, grab the key and avoid the meteors to get the piece. After this, grab the key during the second section of Extra Planet Gamma and head inside the locked door. Here, use ice or water to break the chains and grab the piece at the end of the level.

In the fourth section of Jambandra Base, hit the final switch and combine your blade with fire. Then, fly to the left of the four cannons and cut the bomb down to blow it up and open a secret passage. In that secret passage, use your hammer to hit the switch and come back up using the left side path. Here, light the fuse and go into the cannons with four friends to automatically get the special picture piece.

In the second area of The Divine Terminus, get inside the door to a secret area and grab the key. Move down after that and hit the switch before leaping across and opening the door to get the special picture piece. Lastly, on extra planet Delta, go to the fourth section of the level and hit a switch to open the passage which has the picture piece.

That is all we have for our Kirby Star Allies Special Picture Pieces Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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