Kirby Star Allies Bosses Guide – How To Defeat, Weaknesses, Weapon Combos (Boss Tips)

We have curated this Kirby Star Allies Bosses Guide for you in which we have detailed how you can defeat all bosses in Kirby Star Allies easily.

We have curated this Kirby Star Allies Bosses Guide for you in which we have detailed how you can defeat all bosses in Kirby Star Allies easily. We have some tips and tricks for you, which will help you in exploiting the weakness of all bosses with special weapon combos and avoiding their attacks, which can be devastating if you are not careful enough.

Kirby finally makes its way to Nintendo Switch with Kirby Star Allies. Just like previous games in the franchise, boss battles are back in the latest game. We some the return of the some of the most iconic bosses from the Kirby universe return in Kirby Star Allies. There are also some new bosses to defeat this time around.

Kirby Star Allies Bosses

Kirby Star Allies features 13 bosses. Some of these bosses are simply modified versions of their old selves with some cool new tricks. Few of these bosses are completely new and have never been seen before in a Kirby game. Below we have detailed everything about these bosses that you need to know in order to beat them.

Whispy Woods

The first boss of the game is the series favorite Whispy Woods making a return in Kirby’s Switch adventure. Whispy Woods is a giant tree and has a projectile and dropping apple attacks. Once the boss enters its second form, it will drop down a huge non-stopping barrage of apples on you, which can deal a great deal of damage if you are not careful enough. The best weapon to use against this boss is fire.

Couple it with a sword or the yo-yo and you will have a super affective weapon for this boss battle. During the second form, the boss will also spit some purple mist. Avoid it at all costs as touching it will cause damage to you. During this boss battle, do not jump too much and when the apples are on top of you, use up attacks to break them before they hit you.

Kind Dedede

Another classic Kirby boss making a comeback in this version of Kirby. When you reach the last level of the first world, King Dedede will block your path with his huge tray of food. King Dedede has two forms for this battle. In the first form, he will use his hammer and jump attacks to try to crush Kirby and his friends. Avoiding is best for this part.


Once enough damage has been dealt to him, he will change his form and become a huge muscular monster capable of smashing the floor beneath you. Avoid his jump and crushing attacks. When a certain part of his health is down, he will break the floor causing everything to fall down. This will continue until his health is out.

He also has a finisher ground-pound attack, which will cause him to get stuck after the attack. Once he is stuck, use the opportunity to land some serious attacks on him. In addition, you can use any weapon infused with either snow or fire power against his for maximum damage.

Meta Knight

For this fight, you will have to use a sword, which the game will provide you right at the start of the battle. It is best to infuse it with some other power as soon as you can for increased damage. Sword is the best weapon for this battle because Meta Knight will be in the air flying all the time and the up sword attack is most effective against him.

Avoid the bombs that he drops from the air and if you manage to hit it with your sword while he is lunging for an attack, he will be stunned. Use this for dealing some quick damage to the Meta Knight. Once enough damage is done, Meta Knight will enter the second form of battle and will transform in four different versions.

He will start dropping four different columns of rocks during this phase. This also gives you a good opportunity to deal damage to the Meta Knight. If you destroy the rocks before Meta Knight slams in them, he will be stuck in the ground. While he is stuck, land some quick attacks. Continue this and he will be defeated easily.

Pon & Con

Pon & Con is a boss duo but relatively easier than most other bosses of the game. Both the bosses sprint across three levels while a raccoon drops bombs from the level above. Avoid the bombs by destroying them before they land. This will cause all enemies to be stunned.

Take advantage of this move and deal as much damage and they will be defeated in no time. Another great tactic is to use ESP during this phase to deal a great amount of damage to all enemies on the screen. To avoid damage, you can jump down to the lower level. Pon & Con will not be able to attack you here.


Francisca wields the ice element and is one of the Generals of Magic. You will encounter her in World 3. Since she is wielding ice, the most affective thing to use against her is fire. Make sure that you fire infused weapon for this battle.

The freeze cannon attack might look unavoidable but if you stand right under her and use the up attack, you can avoid this attack as well. If you have a fire staff equipped for this battle, this will be an easy battle for you. Use the jump, attack down and charge attack combo for maximum damage.


Unlike Francisca, Flamberge wields fire and is one of the Generals of Magic. Naturally, this time around, you will need ice to be effective against fire. For some reason, bomb and ice combo works very well against Flamberge so we will recommend that you stick with this combo for this battle.

He will land some slam and sword attacks at you from the air. The swords are breakable so if you are quick enough, you can break them before they hurt you. Ice helps in extinguishing the flames off them and other attacks. Use your ice bombs and throw them at Flamberge for maximum damage.

Zan Partizanne

The last General of Magic is Zan and he wields electricity. He is also very quick and has very fast attacks that require quick reactions and require you to be always on the move. This general might be very fast and has some nice attacks but has very less stamina.

After some time of wheezing around the screen landing attacks, Zan will tire out and will remain motionless for quite some time. If you are quick with attacks, you can totally defeat Zan during this time. The combination of Water and Staff is super affective against him. To avoid his star attack, stand in the middle of the torrent and you should be fine.

Yggy Woods

Yggy Woods is a modified version of the older boss. He is now packing some new tricks up his sleeves. The big tree can now launch clouds from his mouth, which cannot be countered in any way. Avoid them at all costs. He also has a new spike attack during which it will drop spikes from its branches. Zap works very well against Yggy Woods.

Goldon & Solvox

This is another boss duo and the battle takes place inside an arena. During later stages of this battle, the arena will be split in two with half of your team on either side. This is one of the tactics of the boss duo. Each side will have one of the bosses and they will change their position randomly during the battle.

During the battle, the gate in the middle will open at random times and if you are quick enough, Kirby will cross over to the other side. Otherwise, the teams will remain separated. There is a bonus ability right before the battle arena in a secret room. If you manage to grab this Chef Copy Ability, this will come in handy during the battle.

Grand Mam

One of the new bosses introduced in Kirby Star Allies, Grand Mam is a big boss who drops gigantic bombs on you. Literally! This time you will have to cut the exposed ropes when Grand Mam attacks to defeat it. Once the rope is cut, set it on fire and the bombs will explode in Grand Mam’s hands.

Switching to the Cutter Copy Ability is recommended for this boss battle. Also, make sure someone on your team has the fire. If you do not have fire and sword when the boss battle starts, you can take the ability from numerous enemies spawning during the battle. Keep cutting the ropes and setting them on fire to deal damage until the boss is defeated.

Kracko/Twin Kracko

Making a comeback from previous titles, Kracko is back in full form with many devastating attacks. Once the fight is halfway over, Kracko will start summoning storms and will land some attacks on the grounds that you must avoid. When you see the clouds charging up, get out from under them to avoid getting hit.

Whip is super effective for this boss battle. Once the boss is low on the ground, you can unleash a killer attack combo on it using the whip. Makes sure you are not caught in the clouds while doing so or else your strategy will backfire.

Lord Hyness

This is one of the toughest bosses of the game and the battle can linger for some time. During the first phase of the battle, the boss will be in a white robe. He has all three elemental powers fire, ice and electricity and will use them quite often. During the second phase of the battle, he will join his three generals and then the things will really heat up.

For the first phase, you can land attacks on him normally. The attacks are easy to dodge and you can also destroy the purple cloudy projectiles. You must bring friends of all three elements for this battle, as you will need their help. For the second phase, the three generals will make your life a living hell. They will frequently launch firing projectiles and other elemental attacks.

During this phase, they will also form a Friend Circle and start spinning around the arena. Avoid them until they stop spinning and then continue your attacks. They will also use other friend abilities. You should try to use Blizzard Sword, Zap Sword or Fire Sword as much as possible for this battle as they are effective against three generals.

Void Termina

The last boss battle of the game is also the most tedious and the hardest boss battle. It is a fun battle but if you are not careful, you will have a hard time clearing it. This battle also has different phases with one phase of you literally inside the boss itself. The best part of this boss battle is the arena. It is a big area and you are free to move around instead of normal side scrolling battles.

For the first part of the battle, use your friend powers as much as possible. Land charged attacks on the boss and try to destroy as many weak points as possible. The weak points will eventually break and the sword arms will appear. Now your goal is to destroy the weak point on the backside of the boss. Avoid the sword attacks and focus your attacks on the back of the boss.

Once the front weak spot is destroyed, a void will appear in its place. Use it to enter the boss and get ready for the next phase of the battle. Inside you must use the Zap Sword as it most effective during this phase. Destroy the goop droplets and keep attacking the heart to damage it. Once the heart is out of action, handholds will appear on the screen. Grab them to enter the third phase of the battle.

During the third phase, the boss will grow wings and will start flying in the sky. Occasionally he will come close to the ground and this will be the time when you attack. Time will slow down when the boss is near the ground.

Attack the weak spots as much as you can during this phase to damage the boss. Once the three weak points are down, you will have to destroy the fourth weak point on its back again. When Void is coming down to the ground, jump over the wing and hit it to damage the last weak spot.

Now the final phase of the battle will start and this is the hardest part as well. During this phase, the boss will turn your friends against you so you will have to throw hearts at them repeatedly to make them your friends again.

If a friend starts attacking you all of a sudden, it will mean that the boss has corrupted them. Look for the beams between his attacks to look for a place to stand on. During the spike attacks, stand here but once he charges his super beam, run away.

The main goal in this phase is to survive and avoid all attacks. Keep an eye on your friends and revive them if they are down. Using the Zap Sword will do miracles for you here. The charge attack will give you an invincibility window, which is will help you a lot during this phase. Keep dealing damage while avoiding his attacks and he will go down eventually.

This concludes our Kirby Star Allies Bosses Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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