Kirby Star Allies Beginners Guide

Kirby may well be one of the oldest franchises in gaming but that does not mean that it has stopped getting new players into the series. This Kirby Star Allies Beginners Guide is important because there will be many new players unaware of the different mechanics that they can use along with other general stuff that can be helpful to know.

This Kirby Star Allies Beginners Guide will tell you about all of the basic mechanics of the game as well as how you can make the level easier for you by giving you numerous tips and tricks which may seem like second nature to older players of the series but will definitely be extremely helpful to the beginner.

Kirby Star Allies Beginners Guide

The first thing that you need to learn is the dash. You can do this by pressing the analogue stick in a direction twice. This will make you move faster and will allow you to do certain moves. Alternatively, you can do the sliding kick by pressing down on the left analogue and then pressing A.

You can also control a CPU player by jumping on top of them and pressing down on your stick. If you piggyback a real-life friend, then you can both hold down L and R and release them at exactly the same time to do a team attack.

If you decide to fly instead, remember to hold the jump button to constantly flap upwards! But if you’re riding a friend, you need to mash the jump button to stay airborne.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

The first thing to know is that the environment is quite alive and will react to your movements. This means that you can cut the grass with your blade or clean up a pile of leaves with your broom to get extra rewards. You can also put out fire with water or use it to your advantage. Use your imagination and profit from it!

Remember that you can suck in enemies and absorb their abilities. Therefore, you can use those abilities to move through in the game.

Check every corner to find all of the secret items located in the game and keep an eye out for any power that you get from a fallen enemy, as chances are that it will be used at some point in the level to make it easier for you.

You can combine your moves together as well. Remember that you can have your weaponry be buffed by your friends if they attack you with an elemental ability. For example, the fire element will make your weapon flame and do more damage than usual.

If you are unable to find friends to play with, then remember that pressing X will make you throw a heart which will make any enemy that you hit switch sides and come over to you. This will allow you to control them or make use of them in puzzles where a single Kirby just won’t cut it.

Remember that you have a plethora of moves at your disposal. And they are different when you are in the air. Simply press a direction button along with an attack button and you will probably end up performing a new move.

Lastly, remember that if Kirby has a lot of health and he passes by his friends who do not, then he will give them a kiss and restore some of them health. What an adorable way to heal your friends, right?

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