Kingdoms of Amalur Stash Locations Guide

Stash is basically your storage house in Kingdoms of Amalur. As your character does not need to sleep, the stashes are important because they allow you to store 155 items in a magical chest. Our Kingdoms of Amalur Stash Locations Guide will help you find all these storage chests.

Kingdoms of Amalur Stash Locations

You can store different items in your stashes and then access them all from any stash. These houses have other benefits (Workbench, Altar, Forge, etc.) as well.

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Gossamer End
Complete A Tangled Web quest to get this residence in Canneroc. You may have to complete a previously given mission by the fashions, and you’ll get offered for it. It has a Workbench and Altar.

Sandstone Villa
Simply come to the destination located at the Southern Apotyre to get this house in Adessa. To upgrade the house you will have to start NEW IN TOWN quest and beat UNDER WATCH. It will have a Forge and Workbench.

Aron Excavations
Complete the Fae at the Mine, Bloodbane and Miners in the Sand missions to get this house in The Hollow lands. It has a FORGE & Altar.

Archsage Quarters
This is a reward for completing the Scholia Arcana missions. It’s located in the main hall of Rathir. It has a Forge, Altar & Workbench.

You will get this after initiating the Ghosts of Seawatch, it’s located in the south of Caeled Coast, and you will have to do more quests to upgrade. It will have a Forge, Altar & Workbench.

Champions Manor – Downloadable Content
You will have to purchase/redeem it from the respective EA Store(House of Valor Content). It’s unlocked after you complete the quest of the House of Valor, Championship Match.

Gravehal Keep – Downloadable Content
The Keep is located north of Cape Solace on Gallows End. The Gravehal Keep quest is initiated by talking with Padrig Dower in Cape Solace.

When you tell him you’re ready to see the keep he’ll run off and lead the way. Once you reach the keep, he’ll unlock the door and let you in.

Unfortunately, you’ll find the keep is in disarray. You will have to upgrade, renovate and do quests to restore the keep to its former glory.

This is considered as the most luxurious player home in the entire game, and of course this also has your stash storage chest. This castle will have a lot more to offer you, you will even have to recruit servants for it as well

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