Kingdoms of Amalur Leveling Guide

Considering the Leveling up Kingdom of Amalur, it isn’t much different from other RPGs. There are different ways you can adopt to level up your character to deal with the upcoming, more powerful enemies.

Kingdoms of Amalur Leveling

If you manage to level up your character up to the mark fast enough then you will have more fun during the battle and would be able to avoid hair scratching when a boss becomes literally impossible to defeat because¬†you didn’t take the essential measures to maintain your character.

To avoid such situations, we have some tips for you which you can follow to level up fast and then choose your destiny accordingly.

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Use Your Fate Meter To Get More Points
You will stack up points faster if you execute the Reckoning mode effectively. The fate meter fills up faster if you vary your attacks rather than repeating the same move over and over.

Once the meter fills up, you can go in the “Reckoning mode” and destroy all the enemies around you earning plenty of XP.

You should try to activate the skill when you are surrounded by more enemies which will obviously get you more points. And don’t forget to tap the displayed button as fast as you can once the QTE starts after activating the Reckoning Mode.

Activate Lorestones
These interactive items can be found in different locations and once activated; grant a small amount of XP to the player.

You can find them much more easily by investing in the 10th rank of the Detect Hidden skill. This will make them pop up in your map.

You can view each Lorestone set by opening up your menu and checking under Status>Lorestones. You need to find all the pieces of a set in a location in order to get the XP boost.

Choose The Abilities and Skills Wisely
There is a great chance that you will regret the random approach towards the abilities and skills upgrades. Choose the ones based on the requirements which also depends on the type of destiny you are playing with. Sure, you can switch between destinies but that doesn’t come free, right?

The Detect Hidden skill is quite useful upgrade initially to find the hidden loot quickly. The more loot you have, the more items you have, which of course can help you in different ways.

Try to maintain a balance between your ranged and melee attacks. You will need both the skills depending upon the nature of the opponent you are up against.

Trainers and Skill Books – A Fast Way to Acquire Skills
Skill books can increase your skill level in no time. Only hardship you need to bear is that you will have to find these books which are scattered throughout the kingdom.

Once you find the relevant book, you can learn that skill which stays with your permanently. Trainers are also a good way to learn different skills.

They are level specific though so you should consult them before you are out of the limit window. Pay them their fee and you will learn the skill instantly. To find these trainers, you find refer to our Trainers Location Guide.

Keep Track of Your Stats
To dominate the battlefield (that way you earn more XP), your equipment including weapons and armor should be up to the mark. To make sure that every thing is in the proper form, you should regularly check your inventory to see the extent of damage your equipment has received.

If the stats have been decreased to zero then that particular item will be lost and you wouldn’t want that. So before it’s too late, you should visit the blacksmith to fix these items for you. You can read our Unique Weapons, Unique Armor and Unique Accessories guide to get the best items in Kingdom of Amalur.

Respec If Things Go North
If you have made few wrong choices at the start of the game and you have too general skills or have skills that don’t compliment your play-style, you can always choose to Respec by employing the services of a Fateweavers, for a price. You can change your destiny but make sure you are making a right-choice because Respecing skills gets a bit pricey if you do it often.

You Can Avoid Leveling Lockpicking At Start
Early on, you can avoid leveling lockpicking since it is really easy. You can save these points for Dispel Wards or other Skills.

Don’t forget to share your own leveling Tips on Kingdom of Amalur!

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