Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Weapons and Armor Guide

Loot in Kingdom of Amalur is pretty random, so when it comes to weapons and armor pieces, your basic attack and defense, you shouldn’t take any chances, but how would you know which weapons and armor pieces you shouldn’t consider as JUNK ? following guide will help you with just that.

Kingdom of Amalur Weapons

In Kindgom of Amalur: Reckoning, Weapons, like armor, have different grades for quality, and come in many types.

The Weapon grading is generally done in the same way as with Armor.  Hence, white represents normal, green infrequent, blue rare, purple represents unique weapons.

Weapon Types
Apart from the weapon grading and quality, there is the obvious categorization of weapons on the basis of their type. The types of weapons available in Reckoning are:

Least damaging sword types, but fastest. Mainly for Might oriented characters.

Similar to longswords, but with more damage and lower speed.

Most damaging but slowest weapon type in the game for Might specialization, very little number of moves.

Thin, curved slashing blades with medium to high-speed and damage, with a decent number of moves.

Similar to Faeblades, except smaller and much faster. Daggers are perhaps the fastest weapons, but sacrifice range damage. However, they are very powerful for stealth kills.

Ranged bows that use projectile arrows to deal out damage. Arrows can be charged to deal out more damage. Usually, an infinite number of arrows are available in a set of ‘magazines’ that require ‘reloading times’ once used.

Staves are primary weapons for Sorcery, using no mana to deal out close-ranged magic damage.

Chakrams are disc-like boomerangs that hit enemies and return to the character. They are the only weapons that do elemental damage without Gem socketing requirements.

These are wands used by mages to shoot magic projectiles at enemies from a distance. Each shot consumes a portion of your mana.

Unique Weapons
Unique weapons rarely spawn in Kingdom of Amalur. If you are lucky enough, you will get few of these as quest rewards during your journey through the Reckoning. For a complete run-down of Unique Weapons in the game, read our Unique Weapon Locations.

Note. Loot in Kingdom of Amalur is pretty random so don’t expect set locations for these unique weapons.

Kingdom of Amalur Armor

What would you do without it in an RPG? Armor is a very important part of Kingdom of Amalur, just like any other equipment. Like Weapons, Armor is categorized into different types in two separate ways.

Armor Categorization
First is the tier, which is generally represented by the color of their names. White represents normal, green infrequent, blue rare, purple unique and gold means it is a part of a set.

Above is the quality or tier of the armor. The physical categorization of armor is done in the following way:

  • Head Armor – covers the head, can be used by all character types.
  • Hand Armor – consists of gauntlets and gloves, and coverings for the hands, can be used by all character types.
  • Chest Armor – covers the torso area.
  • Robe Armor – covers entire body, replacing chest armor and leg armor. Mainly for characters that use Finesse and Sorcery.
  • Leg Armor – legs of your character, and anyone may use it (except when wearing robes)
  • Feet Armor – covers a character’s feet. All characters may use this armor type.
  • Shields – used to block incoming damage, may be used offensively (bashing) with some specific abilities.

Unique Armor
Unique Armor in Kingdom of Amalur is general hard to find and is often very expensive to repair. You will get some pieces as quest rewards but similar to Unique Weapons, Unique Armor pieces spawn pretty randomly throughout Amalur. For a complete run-down of these unique pieces of armor, read Unique Armor Locations.

Armor Sets
There are certain armor sets in Kingdom of Amalur that you can complete to add additional attributes and buff up your defense. You will have to find different pieces of armor to complete these sets.

You get additional bonus effects to your defense when your wear an armor set. Furthermore, your character looks cool. For a complete run-down of these armor sets in Kingdom of Amalur, you can read our Armor Sets Guide.

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