Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Unique Accessories Locations

Accessories in Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning mainly refers to the wearable equipment which does not take any active part in defense or offense. In other words, accessories actually mean Amulets and Rings.

The tier or grading of accessories is done in the same way as that of Armor and Weapon. Thus white represents normal, green infrequent, blue rare, purple represents unique accessories.

Unlike Weapons and Armor, accessories never wear out or break; hence not needing any repairing. This allows players to easily attain benefits from them without the hassle of repair costs and/or repair kits.

Do note that only one amulet and maximum of two rings can be worn at once. Some quest-related rings cannot be removed as they are essential to the completion of the respective quest.

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Amulets are types of talismans or necklaces found in various places in Reckoning. Like rings, they give you bonus passive effects for as long as you wear them. Amulets can be found from foes, as treasure, obtained as quest rewards, and can even be bought from merchants.

Unique Amulets in Reckoning

Unique Amulets come under the Unique Accessories tier, which is colored purple. Do note that these unique accessories require no repairing, and are the most profitable method of passive offense and defense bonuses.

A few amulets in Reckoning, along with their bonuses, are given below:

Burial Torc
Stats: +20% Damage vs Niskaru 25% Chance to Steal 20 Health per Hit vs Niskaru

Doctor’s Medallion
Reward for the side-quest ‘Out of the Ruins’. Stats: +10% Poison Resistance +10% Health +10% Health Regen per Second

Fae Clasp
Stats: +5% Chance to incur a Critical Hit +5% Critical Hit Damage +1 Stealth.

Jottun War Beads
Stats: +5% Damage +5% Damage Resistance.

Nyralim’s Grace
Reward for the quest ‘Old Friends New Foes’. Stats: +10% Elemental Resistance.

Stats: +12% Elemental Resistance.

Tribal Necklace
Stats: +8% Fire Damage +8% Ice Damage +8% Lightning Damage +35 Mana +1.5 Mana Regen per Second.

Warrior’s Lament
Stats: +20 Health +10% Stun Duration +3% Chance to Stun.


Up to two rings can be worn to give bonus effects, which can stack onto each other. This means that if two similar rings are worn, their bonuses will be added up.

Like Amulets, Rings require no repairing, and can be found from foes, as treasure, obtained as quest rewards, and can even be bought from merchants.

Unique Rings in Reckoning

Like Amulets, there are various types of unique rings that give above-average effects to the wearer. Some unique rings, along with their bonus stats, are given below:

Ballads Signet Ring
A quest ring for the quest ‘Song of Sir Sagrell’, which cannot be disposed of until the quest is completed. Stats: +5% Damage +5% Damage Resistance.

Electric Band
Stats: +8% Lightning Damage +8% Lightning Resistance.

Evalyne’s Ring
Reward for completing the side-quest ‘The Natural Order’. Stats: +10% Health +10% Mana.

Frissel Band
Stats: +50 Health +1 Alchemy +1 Blacksmithing +1 Sagecraft.

Gnomish Energy Band
Stats: +25 Mana +1.5 Mana Regen per Sec.

Jade Band
Stats: +15% Damage with Ranged +10% Chance to incur a Critical Hit with Ranged +10% Critical Hit Damage with Ranged.

Maiden’s Ring
Stats: +10% Health.

Nature’s Gift
Stats: +8% Elemental Resistance +30 Health +30 Mana.

Traveler’s Band
Stats: +7 Health +1 Lockpicking +1 Stealth.

If you’ve come across other Unique Accessories that aren’t in given in this guide, feel free to share them with us by commenting below.

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