Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Plains of Erathell Lorestones Locations

Plains of Erathel is rich with history and magic. It borders Dalentarth and Detyre, and overlooks the Phorian Strait, the waterway known to the Fae as Driana’s Vein. This Kingdom of Amalur Plains of Erathell Lorestone Locations guide will help you find these lorestones in the area.

These lands have some of the most beautiful locations in Kingdom of Amalur but war is cruel, it didn’t spare Erathell as Tuatha attacks have increasingly threatened the fragile peace that has held the region together.

You will have to restore peace with force. Seek lorestone blessings in Plains of Erathell to help you stop war that has loomed over Erathel.

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Kingdom of Amalur Plains of Erathell Lorestone Locations

Following are the lorestones you can find in Plains of Erathell:

Cradle of Summer

Cradle of Summer Lorestone #1
To the east side of the path leading to the Cradle of Summer is a Lorestone to grab.

Cradle of Summer Lorestone #2
After finding the first Lorestone, you can find the second one on the darkened pass on the road that leads to Cradle of Summer.

Cradle of Summer Lorestone #3
You can find the Lorestone on one of the jump points after the entrance in Cradle of Summer.

Cradle of Summer Lorestone #4
To the northeast direction from Syl entrance, look for a Lorestone near the jump down point.

Cradle of Summer Lorestone #5
While heading east of the Urul-Tusk, you will find a Lorestone at the point where the river splits.

Galafor Lorestone #1
Find the Dolve Arne entrance in Galafor. You can find the Lorestone on the north bank of the river.

Galafor Lorestone #2
You will find a road (near Tirin’s rest) leading to the entrance to Rathir. Head north along the road and you will find a Lorestone.

Galafor Lorestone #3
Beside Gloamthicket is a river. When the river makes a 90 degree, turn west. Follow north to get to the Lorestone.

Galafor Lorestone #4
Find the entrance Adarus and then follow the road to the north. From the ruined farms, head right from the first destroyed structure. You will find the Lorestone on cliff ledge.

Galafor Lorestone #5
Move North from Tirin’s rest. You will find a jump point. From here, move along the wall to the north till you find a Lorestone on a ledge on the outskirt of the map.

Kandrian Lorestone #1
The Lorestone is south to the entrance to Caer Tosai above the cliff.

Kandrian Lorestone #2
There is a cliff overlooking Shrine of Mitharu in the west section of Kandrian. You should look for the Lorestone above the eastern cliff-face.

Kandrian Lorestone #3
Move along the road that connects East and West Kandrian and you will find the Lorestone.

Kandrian Lorestone #4
In the middle section of Mel Aglir in Eastern Kandrian.

Kandrian Lorestone #5
Move along the river from Mel Algir (southwest) and look for the Lorestone to the west side of the Shrine of Ethene on the river bank.


Tala-Rane Lorestone #1
Move south of Dlve Wayle till you find a Lorestone on the cliff above the road.

Tala-Rane Lorestone #2
In Tala-Rane (east of Dlove Wayle), you will find a C shaped rock before you get to the road. You will find the Lorestone on it.

Tala-Rane Lorestone #3
Travel east from the entrance to Dolve Wayle. When you reach the outskirt, look for a small alcove entrance where you can find the Lorestone.

Tala-Rane Lorestone #4
On the same road from Dolve Wayle, you will find a T-intersection along with this lorestone.

Tala-Rane Lorestone #5
Look for the two jump points to the east of Corgan hold. One of these points has the Lorestone.

The Wolds
The Wolds Lorestone #1
Look for the shrine of Belen. You will find one Lorestone on the cliff above it.

The Wolds Lorestone #2
Head east from the entrance to Cranalt. You will find a Lorestone when the river forks.

The Wolds Lorestone #3
To the west side of Round Farm, you will find two jumpoints. The eastern one has the Lorestone.

The Wolds Lorestone #4
The path that connects Forsaken plain and The wolds has the Lorestone on it.

The Wolds Lorestone #5
There is a Lorestone on the path that connects Tala-Rane and The Wolds (north side).

If you find anything missing, let us know in comments and if possible, we will add it in this guide.

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