Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Items Guide – Backpacks and Keys

Items are an essential part of any type of RPG – they give you utility and handy benefits that are essential for the general progress in the genre.

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning is no different. Items play and essential role in the game just as they would in any other massive RPG.

Though item is a relatively general term for the broad useable and useful equipment and peripheries that you can find in the game, I’ll be isolating ‘items’ from other equipment that may also come in the term, such as Armor, Weapons and other Accessories.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the following items:

  • Backpacks
  • Stash
  • Consumable Items
  • Keys


In KoA: Reckoning, the standard carrying limit for a player is 70 items (here I use items in a more general way). This cap can be rather troublesome, since as the game progresses you require more space, especially for things that accumulate such as reagents and shards.

To deal with this issue, you have the liberty to buy Backpacks, which allow you to carry 10 more items in addition to the already set 70 item cap.  Since RPGs tend to have the nagging habit of making handy things rare and expensive, Backpacks can’t be found everywhere, and when they are found they cost quite a bit.

The following are the sales locations of Backpacks:

  • Gorhart
  • Asker’s Alley in Ysa
  • Scholia Arcana in Rathir
  • Domus Politica in Adessa
  • Mel Senshir

We’ll be updating this guide with more places as we find them. Plus, if you know of any other locations where you can find Backpacks, feel free to share with us by commenting.


Diablo players will require no introduction to the mechanism of a stash. In Reckoning, a personal Stash is your ‘permanent’ storage place where you can keep everything that you wish to save but not carry around in your inventory. In simpler words, this is your ‘locker’.

The Stash in this game works the same way as in Diablo – the stored items in the stash will be available to you at all stash locations.

The item limit for the stash is 155, which is more than double of the limit of your inventory. Use it wisely.

However, unlike Diablo, some stashes require you to reach certain areas or actually unlock them through quests. Some of the stash locations, along with the respective quests, are given below:

  • Canneroc – Requires A Tangled Web to be initiated and completed.
  • Adessa, the Walls – Arrive at the destination in southern Apotyre
  • Motus Mining Outpost – Unknown

We’ll be updating with more stashes, their locations and the respective quests soon. Plus, if you know of any other locations where you can find stashes, and how to unlock them, feel free to share with us by commenting.


Consumables are items such as potions and similar which either temporarily or permanently grant bonus statuses or have rejuvenating effects. Once used, consumables are removed from your inventory entirely.

For more details on consumables, their creations, and some vital potions, refer to our Alchemy guide.


Keys are items that unlock doors. Do note that while many doors can be lock-picked and don’t really need the hassle of finding keys, there are some that do not even present you with a lock-picking option. Hence, such doors can only be unlocked through the respective keys.

Some keys in the game, along with where they are found and what door they unlock, are given below:

Adessa Prison Key
Unlocks the door to Adessa’s prison, found with master jailer.

Amman’s Key (Spring)
Found in House of Ballads, the Hall of Accolades, healer’s room.

Ballads Ring
Earned upon completing Song of Sir Sagrell, opens the Ballads Library and related House of Ballads buildings.

Desk Key
A key used by Father Etair at St. Eadric’s Mission to lockup prismere dust.

Didenhil Prison Key
Unlocks the door to Murderer’s Hold, found with master jailer.

Dolve Wayle Vault Key
Unlocks the vault in Dolve Wayle, received from mission Bell, Book and Candle.

Gorhart Prison Key
Unlocks the door to Lawbreaker’s Grotto, found with master jailer.

Gossamer End Key
Used to get access to Gossamer End in Canneroc, earned from Barten or Vernt upon completing the side mission ‘A Tangled Web’.

Nil Kerns’ Key
Inventory of the gnome locksmith in Tirin’s Sanctuary’s “Locksmith” shop. Opens door to Burren’s Cove.

Villa Key
Given to the player upon first entering Adessa, used to get access to Sandstone Villa.

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