Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Detyre Lorestones Locations

Detyre is a desert in Kingdoms of Amalur with gnome city of Adessa resting upon its south-eastern bluffs. This guide covers all the Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Detyre Lorestones Locations.

Detyre is a dangerous place go to since the reckoning, and you might want to get the blessings of Lorestones to buff up your stats to fight the imminent danger lurking around.

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Kingdoms of Amalur Detyre Lorestone Locations

Alserund Lorestone #1
Look for the two jump points on the cliffside road in the southwest direction of Fellfire. One of these jump points has the Lorestone.

Alserund Lorestone #2
From the entrance to Fellfire pit, move to the road that leads to Menetyre. Explore the north section to find the stone.

Alserund Lorestone #3 and #4
There are two Lorestones to find in east direction from Fellfire’s entrance. The first in on the bluff on the road and the second can be found just next to the shrine of Thyrdon.

Alserund Lorestone #5
Move along the east road from Eagonn’s Tomb. When the road divides, take the smaller route the plateau with two jump points. One holds your Lorestone.

Apotyre Lorestone #1
Move right from Skoria Mine’s entrance and keep along the path to find the Lorestone.

Apotyre Lorestone #2
Follow the north path of Whitestone till you reach the stone at the dead-end.

Apotyre Lorestone #3
Move down the pit (Cynric Quarry) in the Apotyre and when your reach below, explore the eastern section to find the Lorestone.

Apotyre Lorestone #4
The Lorestone is lying near the north side entrance of Zungar Shaft.

Apotyre Lorestone #5
You can find a Lorestone lying on the road that runs between Menetyre and Apotyre.

Menetyre Lorestone #1
To the west wing of the path in between Menetyre and Apotyre, search for a canyon which will also find you the Lorestone.

Menetyre Lorestone #2
In the central section of Menetyre, look for a large plateau near the Shrine of Mitharu. That’s where you will find Lorestone.

Menetyre Lorestone #3
Near the Shrine of Mitharu, look for the stone in the bridge area.

Menetyre Lorestone #4
To the norhtwest direction of Tearscotter mine, move and explore the three jump-points on the messa. Explore this area to find the Lorestone.

Menetyre Lorestone #5
There is a river to the west of the ironfast keep. You will find the stone at the center of the river.

The Hollowlands
The Hollowlands Lorestone #1
From the Shrine of Ethene, follow the road that links Hollowlands and Menetyre. You will find the Lorestone at the beginning of the path.

The Hollowlands Lorestone #2
From the same location you found the first Lorestone, the second one is in the same area in the northwest direction.

The Hollowlands Lorestone #3
In the northeast section of Saltwell Caverns, you will find a large rock. Check the southern area of the rock to find the Lorestone.

The Hollowlands Lorestone #4
You will find a rocky overlook on the Motus Minning post (south side). The eastern section of this overlook has the stone (look under the archway).

The Hollowlands Lorestone #5
In the south section of shadowthorn, look for a drain pipe on the other side of the mountain. This is where you will find the Lorestone.

The Red Marches
The Red Marches Lorestone #1
From Gallete in Red Marches, take the small road (southwest) that will lead you to the Lorestone.

The Red Marches Lorestone #2
If you follow the right road path, you can get to the Lorestone. The path you need to adopt is between Red Marches and Tala-Rane. You will reach the dead-end and that’s where the stone lies.

The Red Marches Lorestone #3
You need to get to the north of the Gallete Tunnel entrance in the Red Marches to get to the Lorestone.

The Red Marches Lorestone #4 and 5
It’s necessary that you complete the side mission “His Brother’s Keep” to collect the two Lorestones. You will get the stones when you go through the Tomb of Fyragons.

If you can’t find any of these lorestones, let us know in comments and we will try to help you out.

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