Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Cheats and Exploits

Kingdom of Amalur is huge, so huge that you would literally run out of your tricks to survive against the odds if you aren’t careful enough, but that’s what we are here for. Our supply of adrenaline pumping tips, tricks and cheats/exploits to turn the odds in your favor is ready, you just need to execute them.

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Random Loot Cheat/Exploit
Save the game before entering a house or dungeon. If you don’t like the items, reload the save and try again. This will randomly generate new loot in the same house or dungeon.

Salvage Cheat/Exploit
Salvage from items in Kingdom of Amalur is randomized. Again, before you salvage a weapon or armor at the forge, save the game. If you don’t like the components you just salvaged, reload.

Ring From Well of Souls
Play the tutorial and reach the Rock Troll to defeat it. Loot the troll to get this unique ring.

Stealth Chest Looting Exploit
While in Stealth mode, if the percentage of getting caught looting a chest is too high, simply press ‘B’ to back out of the chest inventory and then press ‘A’ to loot the chest again. Doing so will decrease the percentage of risk. You can repeat this process to reduce the risk level to zero.

How To Repair Weapons and Armor For Cheap
Ran out of Gold ? don’t want to pay gold to Blacksmiths for repairs ? Want to save money ? Well, buy as many repair kits as you can from the merchants and get upgraded Backpacks to carry more items.

This way, you will be able to repair your unique armor and weapons for cheap and save a lot of Gold that otherwise you will have to pay to these Blacksmiths.

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