Kingdom of Amalur House of Ballads Quests Guide

Known for its legendary adventurers and heroic knights, House of Ballads can be found in the western reaches of Dalentarth in Kingdom of Amalur. If you are interested in Kingdom of Amalur House of Ballads Quests, this guide should help.

War has invoked a new form of treachery in House of Ballads and their eternal rival, The Maid of Windemere seem to be behind the trouble. Now, it’s your job to save the house from this turmoil and restore peace.

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Kingdom of Amalur House of Ballads Quests

Following is a complete quest-line of House of Ballads in Kingdom of Amalur.

  1. Song of Sir Sargrell
  2. Ballad of the Bloody Bones
  3. Two Knights and A Troll
  4. What Lies Beneath
  5. The Champions
  6. The Hero and the Maid
  7. Cursed Kingdom

How To Join House of Ballads
When you’ve completed Building Bridges, you can go to the House of Ballads (Fae Court’s) and speak to the Fae in charge. He will give you the starting quest.

Song of Sir Sargrell
The Fae in charge will give you this quest. You will be asked to take Sagrell’s spot and kill the monster. Simple, kill the monster and take off Sagrell’s ring to become the member of the house.

Don’t worry, you will have the support of allies with you. The straight path towards the monster is blocked so you will have to follow the path aside.

Keep moving and kill the enemies/brownies you face on your way. Try not to engage them and let your followers do all the hard-work. You will have to go past about three doors and then you will see the monster. Kill it and DON’T use your reckoning mode as it isn’t required here.

Once you have killed the monster, move forward and follow the path towards Sagrell’s corpse and loot it if possible. Bad news, 2 monsters will spawn here and your helper will get scared and run away. The monsters are pretty strong so you will have to act wisely.

They just have two main attacks, one ranged and other melee. Use your reckoning mode and try to lose moderate weapons as you can’t afford to be slow. When they’re dead, take whatever you can and head towards the House of Ballads.

Ballad of the Bloody Bones
Speak to King Wencen (Ettinmere) and find Fae (Uduath). Your task is to search the five cells of prisoners and defeat the monster.

The Bloody Bones villain will also ask you to share some knowledge, do whatever you want to. Probably, you’ll have to kill the bad guy and help Sir Farrara. Return to King Wencen (House of Ballads) after completing the tasks.

Two Knights and A Troll
Take this quest from the Fae King after you’ve completed Ballad of the bloody bones. Go to the Ballads Library situated on the Northern road (between Webwood and Haxhi) to trigger the quest.

Fast Travel to Sunder Caverns, grab the Fae ball from the shrine and head inside. Talk to Fae and the knights for getting the second sphere. Move deeper into the cavern so you can find the other pieces. When you meet TROLL, try to use the sorcerous Shock bolt and stun it.

It may have a good resistance against it but it should stun it so you can attack it easily. Just be cautious and kill the troll with fast weapons.

Fast Travel to Ballads Library and put the balls on to the Echostone. Take the clue and return to the House of Ballads to complete the quest.

What Lies Beneath
Speak to Hallam the White at the House of Ballads and then search for Father Eltair (St. Eadric’s Mission). You will find him dead there, question the monks to know more about it. Grab all the crystals from Kobolds after evaluating the situation.

Find Brother Wulf and kill him or dispel the curse on him if you can for the Crystal Whistle. You can use that item like a potion, grab the last crystal and talk to Hallam the White (House of Ballads).

Note: Try to have a dispelling skill of +4 for The Champions as it will get you more dialogues and you’ll be able to avoid some battles.

The Champions
Go to Windemere once you’ve completed What Lied Beneath to trigger this quest. To enter the castle, you have to fight two Fae.

When you have the armor, equip it and enter Windemere. You can change your armor once you’re inside the walls but you will have to re-equip it to go past the Chasm of Sorrow.

You’ll be hinted to locate the corpse of a Fae again (In the river). Search for that guy (with the ballad’s armor) and kill him so you can go to summer’s End.

You might have to defeat two Fae knights here, not if you have a Dispelling Skill 4+ so you can free them from their curse in return. Talk to the prisoner in Chantry once you’re in Summer’s End.

You will be instructed to use the Crystal Whistle you found in a quest to find and destruct the Prismere crystals – The crystals which are used to enchant the Fae.

Destroy all the crystals and head forward. Sagrell will get you a shield and a key. Use the bell and enter into the castle.

Note: Try to have a dispelling skill of +4 for The Hero and the Maid as it will get you more dialogues and you’ll be able to avoid some battles.

The Hero and the Maid
This will be automatically initiated when you enter into the castle after The Champions. You have to locate the 4 Fae and 5 lorestones & kill the boss as well.

The quests are all marked so you will not get lost and it will be pretty easy to reach these locations. Move forward and you will encounter the different enemies from time to time. It’s up to you for deciding their fate. You can initiate a battle or use your dispelling skills at some points.

Wenchen will ditch you and the Maid will be taking her last breaths, she will give you an offer which you can accept. Just return to the House of Ballads when you’re done to complete the quest-line and get your reward.

Cursed Kingdoms
When you enter the heart of the maid’s private kingdom of Windermere and are one step closer to bringing the court of Enchantments home, all you have to do ahead is to find the entrance to the castle.

Once you are done exploring, enter the Chantry and talk to Segrell and after a chit chat, go out and sound the whistle to reveal the crystals that are needed to be destroyed.

When the whole task is finished, return to Segrell and he will give you the keys to the Bell Tower and House of Ballads Shield.

Enter the bell tower and there you will get two chests to loot and get you will have to pull the rope and enter Castle Windemere.

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