Kingdom Hearts 3 Sales Reach 5 Million Worldwide, Square Enix Extends Thanks

Despite only releasing last week, Kingdom Hearts sales have already catapulted the long-awaited action RPG to the top of many game sales lists. The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter page made the announcement today, and extended its thanks to the fanbase for a great launch despite years of waiting for news.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the most recent entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and once again stars Sora, Donald, Goofy, and a colorful cast of other Final Fantasy and Disney characters as they attempt to rescue the universe from the onslaught of the Heartless, and the sinister Organization Thirteen.

The game had been in the making for many years since the last mainline Kingdom Hearts game, Dream Drop Distance, was released back in 2012. Numerous delays and eventually the entire game being started over to help capitalize on current-gen graphics, have finally delivered a great product.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 sales that Square Enix is boasting bout are all over the world, so we don’t necessarily know how well it’s doing in each country, but with the large amount of promotion it’s been getting through various events like E3 and The Game Awards and others, the amount of sales are no real surprise.

With more worlds than ever before, along with a large number of new ones like Frozen, Big Hero 6, Tangled, and Toy Story, and the culmination of all of the series’s different stories coming together at last, anyone who buys Kingdom Hearts 3 is in for a wild ride…provided that they’ve caught up to the story.

That might be harder for Xbox One players than Playstation 4 players, however. While Playstation 4 owners have the opportunity through multiple compilations of each game to catch up, Xbox One players will have to look for videos to explain what all is actually happening. But still, if the game interests you, you can currently contribute to the Kingdom Hearts 3 sales by buying it for the Xbox One or Playstation 4.