More Rumors Join The Hype For Kingdom Hearts 3, Two Worlds Leaked

The fans know Kingdom Hearts 3 is on its way, and while it is in development, leaks and rumors are joining the hype vault. Especially what worlds will be in the game, seem to be the real catch for the fans. Apparently, there are two new worlds joining the speculation list today.

For such fans, we have an interesting rumor. A possible leak regarding the Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds, suggests that 100 Acre Woods is making its return to the series, and with that Frozen world will also be making its first appearance.

If you guys remember the director of the series Tetsuya Nomura at the D23 Expo held in Japan while referring to open worlds said that “there are still more unrevealed worlds”. Although he has not revealed any world after that being said, most of the fans will take on any ounce of information or rumor to be legit for now.

These two new world leaks, certainly will be exciting for the fans who have long been waiting for such news. That said they also probably should consider the fact, that such rumors and leaks should not be completely relied upon.

The rumor apparently comes from the same source that leaked development screenshots of Kingdom Hearts 3 Monster Inc. world way ahead of its reveal.

According to Gameinformer the leak of these two worlds, Frozen and 100 Acre Woods was initially posted on Reddit. The leaker made available only the file names, but files seem to be associated with known worlds, with the filenames of enemies and objects.

This allowed people to make educated guesses using the filenames of enemies and objects. To be honest sometimes enemy and objects names are enough to predict what world may be coming in the game.

Furthermore, based on gameinformer’s word, the discovered files allegedly showed FR02, with multiple associated icicle files and PO, which has things like vegetables and rabbit’s house.

Through this, best guess the fans have been making is that for the first one, Frozen as a musical world and for the latter, 100 Acre Woods.

Considering that turns out to be true, it would put the current world list for the game at, Big Hero 6, Tangled, Frozen (three CG Disney movies); Hercules, Winnie the Pooh (two traditionally animated Disney movies); Toy Story, Monsters Inc. (two Pixar movies) and the usual presumed set of original Kingdom Hearts worlds.

Let’s hope we hear some news regarding the worlds in the upcoming game. Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced at E3 2013 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.