Kingdom Hearts 3 VERUM REX Mini Game Guide – How to Get a High Score, Rewards, Tips

In a world brimming with energy and riddled with activities to engage in, mini-games are just the tip of the iceberg that will slowly ease you off into other challenges. With that said, it is a tip worth checking out because of the various rewards associated with it. Below, we discuss Kingdom Hearts III VERUM REX Mini-Game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 VERUM REX Mini-Game

VERUM REX is a mini-game where you play as a robot fighting the bad guys (who also happen to be robots) and blowing your way through them in all the explosive fun and glory you can imagine.

The game itself is played from a first-person perspective. In order to access this mini-game, head to the Galaxy Toys area in the Toy World. The machine for the mini-game is on the third floor of the Galaxy Toys stage.

Controlling the Robots

Once you step into your Gigas, all hell breaks loose as you deal with the horde of other Gigas with mean intentions. You start with an initial Gigas, but you can hop onto a different one in battle.

The three types of Gigas come with slight differences when it comes to their performance and functions. All Gigas carry the same following functions mapped to the exact same buttons:

  • R2: Blaster
  • X: Punch
  • Circle: Booster
  • Square: Danger Dash
  • Triangle: Special move
  • L1: Eject

Once you realize that your current Gigas is nearing the end of its durability and is about to explode, then “Eject” and switch to a different operable robot. Here are all the Gigas you will step foot in and what they will bring to the fight:

Blue Gigas
This is your starting robot that is a well-rounded one having decent movement speed and damage potential. Its special ability tilted “Exploders” sends out six bombs towards your foes.

Red Gigas
This particular mech boasts a higher attacking power than the Blue Gigas but this comes at the expense of lower movement speed.

Its special attack is a short-ranged and short-lived rush attack known as “Tackle” which inflicts heavy damage on nearby enemies.

Purple Gigas
This particular robot is suited more for the long-range combat due to his special attack, “Cannons”, which sends two powerful projectiles that can travel a good distance and cause massive damage.

The Purple Gigas also excels at close-quarter combat with its high-fire rate weapon albeit it having a low damage output.

Now that we know how some of the Gigas work, let us take a look at getting the best results out of the mini-game with some useful tips and tactics in VERUM REX.

Utilizing the Traps
Three traps will deal massive damage if enemy Gigas is caught in them. These include Crane, Heat and Spark traps.

All traps have certain cool-down times so after using one, check back regularly to see if you can utilize the devastating force of them again.

Just like how you can use these traps for the enemies, if you find yourself lurking a little too close to it, you will take the damage as well.

The Heat Trap can be shot at to cause a huge explosion and so this serves as a good tactic for the second and third group of Gigas as they will spawn near this trap.

The Spark one is the most useful trap because of its damage potential and area effect. You can lure enemies into it for incredible damage.

One such instance is when the first group of Gigas spawn, so you can shoot and break the glass so they fall right on the Spark trap and are destroyed instantly.

Even when you encounter the boss-type Golden Gigas with a huge health bar, you can lure him towards the Spark trap and even break the glass floor on the upper level in the center of the map to cause astounding damage.

Targeting Prime Gigas
Every once in a short while, you will encounter Gigas have a purple color aura or outline. These are Prime Gigas that have a greater health pool compared to the rest of the standard robots.

Since they are tougher to bring down, the reward for eliminating them is also huge. Do note though, since these will take some time to be destroyed, you might not be able to continue your chain attacks for more points.

Speaking of points, you can save time by not changing your Gigas, unless the situation is very critical and definitely demands it.

By clearing the whole mini-game in a time of less than 2 and half minutes, you stand a chance of obtaining a good high score. Here are all the bonuses to your score that you receive by completing certain tasks or challenges in the mini game:

Title Description Points
All Traps Defeat an enemy with every type of trap 35,000
Overchain Earn a high chain bonus 400,000
Furious Fist Defeat multiple enemies with punches 700,000
Blaster Ace Defeat multiple enemies with projectiles/shots 550,000
Trap Wizard Defeat multiple enemies with traps 1,000,000
Single Ride Complete the match without switching a Gigas even once. 2,000,000
Ride ‘Em All Defeat at least one enemy while aboard each type of Gigas N/A
Multi-Mash Defeat multiple enemies at the same time 750,000
Ultimate Warrior Defeat the Golden Gigas without taking any damage 3,000,000

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