Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choices Guide – Wisdom, Vitality, Balance, Recommended Choice

Kingdom Hearts 3 Starting Choices allow you to choose among Wisdom, Vitality, and Balance. We have suggested what should you choose from starting questions.

Above all else, Kingdom Hearts at its core is an RPG with lots of places to explore, secrets to be uncovered, and choices to be made. Even before the actual game begins, you are given a short quiz; the answers of which will determine the stats for your character and how your playstyle is most suited to that attribute.

Kingdom Hearts III Starting Choices allow you to choose among Wisdom, Vitality, and Balance.  Another set of choices have you selecting from Warrior, Mystic and Guardian. We have suggested what you should choose from starting questions.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Beginning Choices

At the start of KH3, you will be given a set of different stat choices to select from. These will determine which moves and abilities you acquire and are able to utilize in combat later.

Although this decision will be yours entirely, so to match with your playstyle, we have provided small descriptions for each route or build that you opt for. Choosing these attributes is basically assigning a particular strength to your character.

However, do note that these changes cannot be reversed; therefore, you need to make a decisive choice here. The first three choices from which you will have to go for one attribute i.e. Wisdom, Vitality, and Balance.

For each starting stat, you will have a respective image that has something to do with the quality. For example, the “Vitality” attribute is shown as a memory of Sora fighting against a powerful foe. Here are the qualities of each attribute.


“A Sharp Mind That Will Grant You Mastery Of Wondrous Power.”

This attribute will have you start with 120 MP and 90 HP, so it is more magic oriented.

Even when you level up your character as you progress through the game, more points will be contributed to the overall MP stat and then to Defense, ending at Attack.


“A Rugged Body That Will Endure Even The Toughest Of Challenges.”

For a melee-focused build, you will want this attribute so you seldom need to use magic. The HP stat initiates at 120 while the MP stat starts at 100, allowing you to take more damage than you would with a different attribute.

For leveling up, you first receive upgrades to the Attack stat, followed by Defense, and then lastly the Magic stat.


“A Body And Mind Of Equal Merit And Equal Potential.”

As the name suggests, those who do not want to lean on either side should go with this attribute as it starts you out with 110 MP and 105 HP. The stats are upgraded for new levels at the same rate, so they will all grow together.

Out of these three choices, you need to make one. Magic has always been pretty powerful in combat especially in KH3 where many weapons including the Keyblades support magical abilities to do devastating damage.

With that said, you will not unlock the full potential of the magic items until later into the game, but when it is there, choosing Wisdom in the first place would totally be worth it.

If you are not so patient and are looking for easier and more rewarding early hours, you might want to go with Vitality or Balance. The second batch of choices leads you towards selecting a class out of three options.

You need to be aware that these classes will not affect the growth of the three stats i.e. Magic, Attack, and Defense in any way, only the above three attributes would be able to do that.

However, the classes below award you with a defined and fixed special ability or perk.


“Kindness To Aid Friends”.

A healer who will primarily focus on teamwork and boast abilities that are more defense-focused including damage resistance on low health, reduced damage taken from critical strikes and health regeneration upon blocking.


“Invincible Courage”.

Rush in and attack close-quarters because that is what this class is about. All combos performed on the ground will have one additional hit tacked onto them for increased damage.


“Inner Strength”.

Again, if you want to jump on the magic bandwagon just as every other player would for the best results, go for the Mystic class. The passive ability allows you to cut down on the usage of Mana by consuming a less amount for when you cast a spell.

Furthermore, you will also receive small bonuses to your elemental damage inflicted.

That is all about the very first choices in the game. Proceed forth and make your own destiny as you embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

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