Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot Shows A “Mid-boss” Fight

Last month during MAGIC 17, Square Enix released a new Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshot which showed Sora fighting a Heartless in Hercules world.

In a recent interview with Gematsu, game director Tetsuya Nomura has now confirmed that the Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshot showed a mid-level boss or better known as a mini-boss.

Nomura said:

It’s a battle scene against the Rock Troll. It will be treated as a mid-boss.

This suggests that while the fight shown in the Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshot is not just a regular fight against weak enemies, it will still not be a major boss battle.

He also talked about keyblade transformations during the interview. The development team is supposedly currently working on two transformation patterns which will be different from the ones shown earlier. These new patterns will transform into a tank and a shield.

He also mentioned that the transformations possible by a keyblade will actually depend on the keyblade itself.

With the recent release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue, the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3 moves even closer even though there is still no fixed release window for the game.

The development team also hinted that a character customization option might also be possible for Kingdom Hearts 3 and will be looked upon, however it is not a priority for the team so the plan could get cancelled any time.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be releasing on both PS4 and Xbox One, despite there being rumors earlier that the Xbox One version was cancelled.

Given how long fans have been waiting for a proper sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2, hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a final launch date before the end of this year. Preferably before the remake of Final Fantasy VII so fans of both franchises don’t have to divide their attention.

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