Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Xion Boss Guide

In Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, you will have to face a boss called Xion. This Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Xion Boss guide will help you with all the tips and information that you need to know before battling Xion so that you may effectively defeat the boss.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Xion Boss

You are recommended to have Sora at the max level 99 so that you may not be knocked out by just one hit.

Your recommended items shall include the Kupo Coin; it will restore the health once it reaches 0, and you can get it from the Moogle Shop that is located in Twilight Town.

The recommended abilities for this fight are Glide, Block, Reprisal ability, Final Blow, Payback Strike, Risk Dodge.

You should have the Ultima Weapon since it is a topclass Keyblade and it allows a Combo Boost for more damage output. On top of that, the Keyblade also provides a better guard with Formchange, and a more powerful finisher after Formchange.

Besides the Keyblade, I also recommend that you choose Oblivion and Oathkeeper.


Abilities and Tips

Block her Attacks
Xion will try to damage you from a distance by using her lasers or throwing her Keyblade from afar. You will need to make sure that you block these attacks or avoid getting hit by them.

For whenever she gets too close, instead of backing off, you need to lunge at her and go for a counterattack. Play offensive whenever this happens and land massive amounts of damage at her.

Though once she recovers and distances herself from you, you will need to return to your defensive stance and dodge her ranged attacks.

After Xion throws her Keyblade at you, you will get an opportunity to attack her. Since she will have thrown her weapon, she will wait for a bit so that it may be regenerated. You will need to counterattack at this time since she’s rather vulnerable.

Kupo Coin
As mentioned earlier, you will need to bring this item along with you, so that if you fall during the fight you may be able to regenerate your health.

Change of Patterns
Once you get Xion down to a few health bars, you will notice how her fighting pattern will change to a mix-up of melee and ranged attacks.

When this happens, just continue evading her light pillars and try to trace her movements. You can employ a guard or an evasion ability for adjustment.

Rage Form
Sora’s Rage Form will allow her to get her back to full health and unleash attacks at Data Xion.

Here are all of the boss’s abilities that you will have to face on the battlefield, thus it is imperative that you know about these in order to be wary of what you’re up against.

Keyblade Throws
Xion simply throws her Keyblade towards you, after which she will be vulnerable for a moment, waiting for her Keyblade to regenerate.

Pillars of Light Attack
The boss will summon light pillars that will appear across the stage. Whenever this happens, you will need to stay guarded and try to dodge them. The multiple pillar attacks will deal a lot of damage to you if you get caught up in them.

You have to take note that since Xion will be able to summon multiple pillars of light at the same time, you need to be wary of this attack while keeping your distance from it since it really will hurt you a lot if you’re to get hit by the pillars.

Melee Combos
This is when Xion will close the gap between the two of you and try to deal damage to you by landing melee strikes at you. She may also deal more damage by closing her combo with a pillar of light.

Whenever this happens, you can guard yourself against this attack and let the combo finish, once it does, you can go fully offensive and deal massive damage to Xion.

After Xion starts to glow, she will be able to transform the stage area. You will notice numerous pillars of light on the stage. You will need to keep moving in order to avoid taking too much damage from the pillars.

After winning the fight, you will get Breakthrough as a reward. This will grant you an amazing boost of Strength and a smaller boost to your Maximum HP.

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