Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Marluxia Boss Guide

The Data Battle Boss Marluxia can be a hard opponent to defeat as he throws some really deadly attacks and conspires intelligent strategies. But he is still a program, isn’t he? So there surely are several strategies you can use to knock him down as we will explain in this Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Marluxia Boss guide..

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Marluxia Boss

As Marluxia is a very hard boss in ReMind DLC, he cannot be defeated by using simple gear and normal techniques. Your Sora has to be at a specific level in order to take this Boss out.

It is recommended to have Sora at max level 99. If your Sora is even a little lower than this level, he is very prone to getting knocked out in a single hit or two.

Recommended Equipment

Recommended Abilities

It is recommended to have at least the following abilities acquired before you go down into the battle with Marluxia:

  • Glide
  • Block
  • Reprisal Ability
  • Final Blow
  • Payback Strike

Abilities and Tips

Marluxia shows six types of typical attacks that are very deadly if not defended properly.

Dashing Strike
Marluxia charges and strikes five times in a quick series. It is good to be fully conscious at the time as he vanishes between these strikes. You must dodge all the strikes until he spawns a little far from you.

This strike is followed up by a Scythe Throw and in order to dodge this spinning trajectory, you must Dodge Sideways and then Up.

While Marluxia is using the Dashing Strikes on you, the fifth strike is the hardest but also holds a weakness in there.

So as soon as the fourth strike is dodged, you must perform a well-placed Dodge roll and then begin a quick succession of attacks of your own.

This will remove all the shine of Marluxia and deal a good deal of damage as he is not at his guard then.

Vacuum Strike
Marluxia Summons a dark Aura that pulls your feet and once you are dragged towards him, he slices them off.

At this point, you should use Firaga when he is using Aura as it will allow you to remove the Aura and dissolve his guard for a few seconds.

You must take full advantage of these few unguarded seconds and attack him with your best moves or weapons.

You must have Firaga ready to be deployed in a very quick way. You might have to configure shortcuts for this move. Once the appearance of Marluxia changes and he cloaks himself in the Aura, dispensing Firaga at the time will deal very good damage to him!

Continuous Assault
A very deadly circle is created by Marluxia while running and spinning and in order to evade him, you must move as fast as possible.

Death Counter
Marluxia will put a Counter spell on your head and you will see a countdown begin on your head. Once it reaches 0, you will get an instant death.

In order to dissolve this spell, you must attack Marluxia into opening a QTE prompt which will dissolve the Death Counter spell of your head.

When Marluxia has placed the Death Counter spell on your head, wait for ‘Dispel’ to pop up on your screen and then distract him with your series of attacks. Chaining a combo of attacks here will cancel the countdown and dissolve the spell.

Prickly Thrones
Marluxia conjures a wide circle which is full of thrones. This spell cannot be blocked or dissolved and hence you must dodge it until it disappears.

Laser Beam
Another deadly sort of attack is the Laser Beam. Marluxia will send Orbs that shoot laser beams creating a whole projectile. This flower-shaped projectile can be destroyed using Thunderga without locking on.

You will be getting very few chances of attacking Marluxia and hence you must take advantage of each and every one of them. Here are the strategies which you must adopt in order to beat him.

This is pretty much all about the Boss fight with Data Marluxia in ReMind DLC of KH3.