Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Might Be Sometime In October

A recent retail listing from Target has apparently just leaked when the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date will be, and it appears to be in October. October 31, to be exact. While the game has been said to be coming out in 2018, we didn’t have an actual release date for the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the long, long-awaited next entry in the wildly popular Kingdom Hearts series, which combines elements of Final Fantasy and various Disney movies into a story that’s won millions of fans across the world. Kingdom Hearts 3 comes after the most recent game, Dream Drop Distance, which seems to be leading up to the series’s final clash between Master Xehanort and his Organization XIII, and the Keyblade Masters of Light that will fight him.

While Dream Drop Distance came out in 2012, there hasn’t been any news about Kingdom Hearts 3 except scattered trailers and screenshots for six years since, not counting Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep-A Fragmentary Passage, a brief sort of tech demo that showed off the game’s new graphics engine and told us what Aqua had been up to during her years in the World That Never Was.

However, if the Target listing is true, and not a placeholder, we finally have a confirmed Kingdom Hearts 3 release date. Kingdom Hearts is a video game series that first began in 2002, and has become a video game juggernaut with a large number of spinoffs, so us getting closer and closer to having an official release date is something that the entire fanbase can celebrate.

We’ll likely find out more about Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date later this year, most likely during E3, but in the meantime players should keep in mind that there’s the possibility that the Target date could just be a placeholder, and Kingdom Hearts 3 could come out at some other time this year.

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