Kingdom Hearts 3 to Replace Pierre Taki Following His Arrest

Kingdom Hearts 3’s publisher Square Enix has announced that they are going to release an update in Japan to replace the voice of Pierre Taki due to his recent arrest following the drug abuse. 2019 continues to be the worst year for the Japanese actor.

The publisher confirmed in the recent press release that they will be changing the voice of Olaf which is the character voiced by Taki in Kingdom Hearts 3. Unlike Sega’s decision to halt game sales. Despite his appearance only being in the game’s Frozen world, this decision is to dissociate the game from Taki.

This news comes after Disney’s own declaration that Olaf will not be voiced by Taki in any future products. As a result, it’s undoubtedly going to affect Frozen 2 which is scheduled to release this year.

The press release reads:

Decided to replace the Japanese version of the dubbing voice actor of the character “Olav” appearing in “Arendale” set in the world of “Kingdom Hearts III” in the world “Anna and the Snow Queen” The

Along with this, we will carry out update distribution of the main game in the future. Please wait for a future announcement for details such as the contents of the update and the delivery time.

Olaf is one of the major characters in the game and from the game’s Frozen World so it would have been entirely impossible for the team to remove him. Replacing him instead is indeed a better option as KH3 has turned out to be a huge success. KH3 sales crossed over 5 million when we last reported.

This move will have no impact on the western release which features Josh Gad as the voice actor of Olaf. As for who’s going to replace Taki and when remains to be seen. It’s definitely going to be someone talented just like the current cast of KH3 voice actors. We assume that it’s going to take some time because recording lines for the character all over again, reviewing it and pushing them usually takes a while.

As expected, Square Enix’s decision comes following Sega’s move to halt “Judge Eyes: The will of the grim reaper” sales for PlayStation 4. The actor was arrested on March 13 due to his violation of Japan’s drug control law. He was found guilty and admitted the charges after some detailed investigation.

This change is expected to be a part of upcoming content updates and DLC which is confirmed to include Critical Mode, some additional backstory and more.

Kingdom Hearts III is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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