Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Cinematic Unveiled As The Game Approaches Its Release

If there’s one thing the world has done for Kingdom Hearts 3, it’s waiting. The release date is now only about, what, a month away? The hype among fans of the series has, of course, shifted into third gear. That shift was then shoved into fourth after the Kingdom Hearts 3 opening cinematic was shown to the world. It also featured Kingdom Hearts Face Your Fears. A piece done by Udata Hikaru in collaboration with Skrillex.

We got a very nice musical score for the trailer as well. The trailer itself seemed to be a basic layout and quick lowdown on the plot that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be following.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Cinematic showcased parallels in the journies between our protagonist Sora and his friends. It also depicted Xehanort, the game’s antagonist in several forms. The most notable vibe of his being the manipulation of Sora on a chess board.

Of course, Sora got his boys to back him up. The classic trio of Goofy, Donald, and Mickey. Though assuming that clip was from an endgame scenario, where’d the rest of Sora’s allies go? The ones he met along his journey and all.

Well, apparently this is only a small part of what the full cinematic would be. A lot of people were reminded of Kingdom hearts 1 and 2, which had longer cinematics.

Square Enix revealed that the Kingdom Hearts 3 full cinematic will be revealed at the official release. Probably to be seen in the game when players start it up.

So the fact that it’s just a small portion means we’ll be seeing all of Sora’s other friends in the rest of the cinematic. That’s something to be excited for, whether you’re an old fan of the game series or a new one.

Why? Because the worlds and characters that’ll be explorable and interacted with include Toy Story, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Pirates of the Carribean, Monsters Inc and multiple others. Most of which actually bring a lot more nostalgia.

The X018 Kingdom Hearts trailer also showed us more of what we can expect from the game including different types of puzzles, bonus characters and another snippet of the story.

The early months of the upcoming year are thoroughly filled with the delight of so many big-time game releases. Anthem, Resident Evil just to name a couple.

Plus this Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Cinematic reveal while definitely popular, was very clearly outshined by another trailer. Either way, Face your fears lads. As Skrillex and Udata would say, the release is FINALLY here.

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