Kingdom Hearts 3 Open World Will Be More Unique Than Fans Expect, Says Director Tetsuya Nomura

The upcoming action role-playing video game Kingdom Hearts 3 by Square Enix is the game for which fans have high hopes and many are saying that if the developers are not able to justify the level they have been projecting for the game then the it might suffer. Well, that may not be the case because the director of the game Tetsuya Nomura has very recently said that the Kingdom Hearts 3 Open World will be even more unique than the fans expect.

It is no wonder that Square Enix has a lot to deal with, regarding the production of the game and because of the hype they have built, a lot of weight is on their shoulders. They would need to deliver very soon something substantial and memorable that can overcome any other dissatisfaction that fans may experience

As you may know that the Kingdom Hearts fan event at the D23 Expo Japan this year has not been streamed and because of that a lot of information has not been recorded in a sense. Although all of the reports have been gathered together and has been translated by KH13. Which is available for you to read as well.

So Tetsuya Nomura speaking at D23 Japan just a few weeks back, shared some really good insights regarding the game in development. Although he did avoid giving out specific details, on a general level he pointed out some things about the progress of the game’s three phases.

He further added that the players could expect Kingdom Hearts 3 Open World to offer unique gameplay opportunities to a level that they may not have expected before.

Considering what the game director has to say about the game makes the fans even more excited.  The director seems a little too confident, which only implies that there can hopefully be no doubt that the game Kingdom Of Hearts will be something that would be memorable.

So if you are really up for the game and have been following the details for its release or somehow if you think you have missed anything about the game then this here is an opportunity for you. We have made available everything that we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 so far for you.

The game Kingdom of Hearts is scheduled to release this year although the exact date is unspecified at the moment. The game will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.