Kingdom Hearts 3 New Screenshot Showing “Kingdom of Corona” and “100 Acre Wood Worlds”

Square Enix has revealed new screenshots for Kingdom Hearts 3 highlighting the “Kingdom of Corona” and “100 Acre Wood Worlds.”

These screenshots match up with the recently released trailer at Lucca 2018 and Winnie the Pooh trailer at X018. However, the official trailer of Kingdom Hearts 3 at X018 showed us some interesting things.

The ‘Kingdom of Corona’ is associated with the popular animated romantic movie Tangled. The screenshot shows some of its characters featured to Kingdom Hearts III. These characters include Flynn Rider, Gothel, Maximum, Pascal, and Rapunzel.

The ‘100 Acre Wood’ is part of the fictional land and the land is inhabited by Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Kingdom Hearts III also features some of its character from Winnie the Pooh. The 100 Acre Wood characters include Gopher, Lumpy, Piglet, Pooh, Rabbit, Roo, and Tigger.

However, the batch also includes some of the screenshots of the popular villains, these villains include Maleficent and Pete.

KINGDOM HEARTS III tells the story of a powerful friendship. As Sora and his friends together embark on a dangerous adventure. The game sets in a vast array of Disney and Pixar worlds. KH3 follows the journey of Sora and his friends, Sora a young boy who unknowingly possesses a spectacular power.

Sora unites with Donald Duck and Goofy and together they try to stop the evil force known as the Heartless. Who is invading and overtaking the universe?

Through the power of friendship Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy unite with iconic Disney-Pixar characters. These characters try to overcome the tremendous challenges faced in the journey. And also they persevere against the darkness threatening their worlds.

Kingdom Hearts III will release on 25th January 2019 in Japan and Asia and North America and Europe on 29th January.

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